Farmers Markets!

October 14, 2007

I didn’t realise how long it was since I last posted until I received a lovely comment from Trina this morning and saw the entry that she had left the comment under.  Well, here I am back and hoping to blog nearly every day if not everyday as I really enjoy it and need to make more time for myself.

This morning we ventured out to the new Auckland Farmer’s Market held in the stables at Alexandra Race Course…The Market opened in September of this year and is open every Sunday from 10.00am until 4.00pm.  We arrived at about 9.50 and literaly got blown across the car park after thinking as we opened the car doors that they were going to be blown off their hinges.  I would def reccomend arriving when they open as when we left at 11.10 it was packed in the car park and everywhere else.  We just fell in love with this place and have decided to make it at least a monthly if not more family traditition.  At the first 2 stalls we got our vegetables for the week and found some wonderful white and yellow carrots that we have never seen before…We also got some great looking fenel, lemons, baby beetroot, limes, avacados & Kafiar lime leaves…One of the stalls had lots of fresh herbs…We went up and down the 2 long aisles down one side and back up the other and then the same down the next aisles..We purchased alot of wonderful fresh ingredients…Fresh lemon garlic aoli, venison salami, amazing fresh bread, awesome greek food.  Trina you would love 2 of the stands with their traditional greek food!  I could go on about everything we purchased but it was amazing and we can’t wait to use all the fresh ingrdients, lots of things like fresh bagles and pita breads made that morning and no preservatives etc.  I will say the most different purchase that I will honestly tell you I didn’t think I would like was an Avacado honey – yes strange i can hear you saying but just like the guy selling it said, it had 2 tastes, first a caramel and then a fruity taste and yummo..

What else have we been up to? My friend’s wedding is in a month’s time on 10th november so one of the other bridesmaids and I have been organising her bridal shower/hens party.  So it is going to be a very busy time.  28th Oct we have tickets to go to the Queen Musical at the Civic that we gave Richard for his birthday, 03 Nov Hen’s Party, 10th Nov wedding, 11th Nov clear up after wedding, 16th off to Wellington for Stacey Julian and friends.  I am in Wellington for 4 days and back on the Monday at lunch time.

We have some awesome lemons at the moment so I went out after the market and purchased some Rock Salt and new jars and am going to use the wonderful recipie off Penny’s blog to do Preserved lemons to put in our Christmas Hampers that we are going to give to friends this year.

Yesterday afternoon we ventured out to our garden out the back…Richard had to try and get rid of some Wooly Nightshade the was growing over from the neighbour’s bush/garden and then weed wacked some garden as well.

I am also using some of the lemons this afternoon to try and make my first ever Lemon Tart.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful coments on my blog latley.  I am sorry if I haven’t replied, I promise to answer more comments.

I have also finished my layouts and OTP for the Scrapbook Studio DT Call so just have to photo those and email them through.  I am up against the wonderful Louise for 1 of 3 spots so even if I don’t get through I have loved the work that I have done.

Well, must be off and have some lunch and see if I can get the marker off David that he managed to get all over his hands and onto his face when we were having Art time before.

Take care everyone and big hugs to Louise & Family who are all feeling under the weather.


9 Responses to “Farmers Markets!”

  1. Trina said

    Oh wow, the famers market sounds sooooo good. I can see we’re going to have to make a trip out there too. Thanks so much for giving me the ‘heads up’!

    Sounds like you’ve been busy and certainly lots on. LOL about David and the marker. Sounds like two little people I know. LOL!


  2. rowanz said

    good luck with the Scrapbook Studio DT call! Yum at the farmers market at soo soo fresh too!!
    Cant wait to meet you at Stacy Julians! On count down mode here!

  3. yaseennz said

    The market sounds very cool. Might have to venture into Auck one day and check it out!
    Good luck with the DT call!
    How did the lemon tarte turn out? 0.o

  4. Sharon said

    The markets sound like fun!

  5. Angela said

    Wow, sounds like a neat place to go, and a great family tradition to start.

  6. Janine said

    Market sounds great and some of those things you bought sounded great…..good luck with the DT call.

  7. Hannah said

    The Farmer’s Market sounds wonderful! Pity we don’t have one like that closer to home. There is a market in Orewa on Saturdays but it’s mostly people selling crafts and other stuff. I would love to get all those interesting and fresh foods. Perhaps we’ll venture into the city some time.
    Good luck with the DT entry!!

  8. Penny said

    I so wish there was a closer/more regular Farmers or Grower’s Market near us. The Albany one is monthly which is good, but Whangerei have an awesome one every Sat morn. I’d love to do my vege shopping at such a place every week! 🙂 I just love seeing all the fresh produce and other stuff.

  9. Mrs Frizz said

    Good luck with the DT call and look forward to seeing your submission creativity when you are allowed to share with all of us.

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