Live, love & Dream Life….

October 26, 2007

Tonight as I sit here and type this I am determined to live each and every day to it’s fullest….This week has been a hard week and I have been determined to get through it but 2 things happened this time last year that all of a sudden tonight have just taken their tole on me.

On the 25th October last year I got a urgent cell phone call from a friend while we were in Wellington to say that another friend’s prem daughter who had survied 5 months and 28 days after being born at 31 weeks had just passed away.  To top it off on the morning of her funeral on the 27th I had a knock on the door.  Our neighbour, the most wonderful inspirational mother to her children and wonderful friend had had a car accident 2 weeks prior and the knock on the door was her husband coming to tell me that she had passed away the night before.  So the 27th October will forever be a sad day in my life….The day we buried my friend’s little girl and the day that I found out that my good friend had passed away.  I am not wanting this to be a sad & morbid post but I just needed to get this down in writing instead of bottling it up…Richard has been great and we are looking after each other. 

I had the mother of the little girl here this afternoon and we have become even firmer friends.  Some of you may have heard me talk on the SE forum of a wonderful little boy called Cort that was born nearly 6 weeks ago at 24 weeks and 7 days.  Well, cutie pie Laine was and is his Big Sister.  Lisa, her 7 year old daugther and I sat on the sofa this afternoon and watched a video photo montage that she had just created of darling sweet Laine.

I just want to finish this post saying please give your kids and loved ones huge hugs and please remember to tell them even if it is one of those horrible days that you love them…Please never forget to say this!

I am going to sit here and try and do some scraping and see how that helps, as I find it very relaxing…


My little baby is no longer

October 23, 2007

my little baby he is growing up so fast and into a bigger boy.  David’s hair has been getting really long and still really curly but was getting way too hot for him.  We had decided that David and Daddy would take a trip in a couple of weeks to our hairdressers up the road and get their hair cuts together but after he came home from his carer’s today sweating and his hair stuck to his head Richard decided to get out the clippers and give him a number 4 then and there….I was okay until half way through holding him and then i really started to see how grown up he was getting and the tears started but didn’t want David to see them as he might start crying instead of giggling at the clippers…..Here is my big boy now.

I just can’t get over how fast he is growing…….

Thank you everyone for your comments about the curry.  I will type up the receipie this afternoon for everyone.  Just a short post this morning to show you my little boy.

I truley do not know where the weekend went…One minute it was Friday afternoon and now it is Tuesday Morning and I am sitting here typing this and I find myself keeping on glancing to my left and looking out my studio window to the bush and the beautiful huge apple tree that is in full blossom at the moment that I spoke of the other day.

What did we get up to this weekend?  Decided to get the kitchen all organised and clean.  Put on a curry in our new crockpot courtesy of Fly Buys.  First thing I have ever gotten from Fly Buys.  While the boys went out to get me some more spices and veges i made some of my famous cheese scones and then started to get ready to go out.  The boys dropped me off at my friend’s place in New Lynn.  Had a great time looking at her wedding dress which she had just picked up from Aussie and then it was off to the Dressmakers to have our first fitting for our bridesmaid dresses, then off to do some more Wedding things and then home.  The curry was to die for.  I have been looking for a good standard beef curry recipie for ages and have finally found it.  Lots of ingreidents but not a hassle to make and really yummy.  Sunday dawned beautiful with blue skies and no clouds and then an hour latter the dark grey clouds came over and then it started to rain on and off.  It cleared up after awhile and then the old owner of this place and his dad and 2 kids came over to lay the rest of the top soil down…..Decided to try out some lemon muffins on them and a lemon barly drink and they all loved it.  Then off out to Botany for a bite to eat and to get a few things…The only trouble was we didn’t realise how late it was after 2pm and David turned into little Mr Grumpy pants in the food hall and then all around briscoes – As we were in NW he finally fell asleep so we walked around Botany some more to give him a chance for a nap.  We ended up purchasing from Cotton on Kids an awesome straw hat for David and a Navy Blue T-Shirt with White writing that says “Lock up your Daughter’s” – Oh so true.

Once we were home Mr Grumpy Pants turned back into our Happy little boy again….Indian again that night with the most awesome Tandori chicken that we buy from a Halal butchers in manukau…The cleanest most reasonable butcher’s we have seen for a long time.  For the second night in a row our house smelled like an Indian Restaurant.

Yesterday we heaed off first thing to Bunngings to get a large Noticeboard for my scraproom which will in the meantime be used at the Hen’s Party for old photos that I have gotten off the Bride’s mother, then off to Harvey Normans to get some photos printed.  Then off to Number 1 Shoe Warehouse where we got Richard some jandles, david some new gumboots, sandles and sneakers.  It always amazes me different brands and different sizes.  David’s gumboots are a size 7, sneakers size 9 and sandles a size 6??????????  Go Figure…Then off to spotlight to get candles for the wedding then home after a stop via the video shop and bakery.

Home and a mixture of an afternoon and then dinner, relaxing in the family room watching tv and then here we are.  Off to get more work done and amuse David….

Take care everyone and have a great day!

Gorgious Day

October 19, 2007

but very cold.  Beautiful blue skies but really cold weather here today.  Poor David looking out the window wanting to go outside but with the bitter chil there was he wasn’t going out.

Just a quick entry tonight as I have dinner on at the moment.  Will write a longer entry in the morning.

Here are my DT entries.

Firstly thank you to everyone for their good luck wishes on the DT entry for Scrapbook Studio.  Unfortunatly I did not make it in and am quite disapointed as I thought the work was some of the best I have done.  But onto a huge Congratulations, my best mate Louise did get in and along with Faye and Monique now have a 6 month Design Team Contract with Scrapbook Studio.  Have just looked at your work Louise and it totally totally rocks!  So glad that you got in girl and I just knew that you would….I will upload my pics of my layouts tomorrow morning…

What else have I been up to?  Well, yesterday I received my awesome monthly kit from SE….Meg, I must say these kits keep on getting better and better.  I had a Junkitz stiched file folder album that had just arrived and within 2 1/2 hours i had this all finished and covered in the awesome new Scenic route paper from the kit and am using it to put pics and jourallings of our Family traditions.  A great idea I got from a comment that Louise made the other day.  Going to use another one of these awesome mini book/albums as an Autograph book for Stacey Julian & Friends…Just got to cover all the pages etc and will get this finished by the weekend and post some pics of these…Once finished I will pack it away in my tote all ready for in 4 weeks time…

Today i took a friend Cheryl who looks after David 2 afternoons a week to introduce her to NZ Scrapbook and we had an amazing time there and I spent way too much but got some awesome stuff which I haven’t seen elsewhere and have lots of projects lined up….I am totally loving OTP and mini books at the moment.  Then it was off to Glenfield mall for a yummy lunch and then home.  While at the mall I did get a few art supplies/and crayons etc for David as he is just loving, his drawing at the moment, it was also a Thank you for being such an awesome boy….

Yay Labour weekend is nearly upon us…The 3 of us are really going to enjoy this weekend as it is going to be one of the last weekends until the end of November that either Richard or I aren’t away for a full day either working in Richard’s case or me with wedding stuff or away for Stacey Julan weekend.

Well, must be off and again Louise a huge congratulations!

Yay I have just this minute finished typing up my bio – small that it is for scrapping and downsized photos and emailed everything through to Scrapbook Studio.  Yay, I can’t wait and am so excited as I love this shop and the staff who always reconise me when I come in. 

Thank you for all your wonderful comments and well wishes. 

With regards to the Farmers Market here is their website

Tried some of our purchases with dinner last night…the most awesome baby cob lettuce’s with lemon garlic aoli, rear beef and some italian flat bread – Mmmm yummy. 

The lemon tart went well, I think i did really well for my first ever attempt.  Will take a pic latter.  We didn’t try any last night as we wanted it cold from the fridge but did try the tinest bit this morning and it was yummy.  Cut a slice to take to Richard’s office manager who I have become great friends with and broke up with her partner last week so wanted to send her some sweetness to brighten her day.

Looking out my Scrap Room window I look out to the bush and an apple tree directly outside the window and it is starting to get covered in red leaves and beautiful apple blossoms.  So by Christmas we will have lots of plums and Apples.  Talking about apples, David decided he wanted an apple for morning tea and i got him one from one of the stalls, and low and behold by the time we got back to the car it was 3/4 gone.  Love that my son loves fruit.

Well, must be off we are going to head up the road for a walk and possibly have a walk around the Botantical Gardens with a hot chocolate in hand and then back home picking up a Herald on the way.  I have decided with trying to have more Me time I love reading the paper so am going to get one every morning and read it while i actually sit down and eat lunch.

Take care everyone and I will share pics of DT submission layouts when I can.

Farmers Markets!

October 14, 2007

I didn’t realise how long it was since I last posted until I received a lovely comment from Trina this morning and saw the entry that she had left the comment under.  Well, here I am back and hoping to blog nearly every day if not everyday as I really enjoy it and need to make more time for myself.

This morning we ventured out to the new Auckland Farmer’s Market held in the stables at Alexandra Race Course…The Market opened in September of this year and is open every Sunday from 10.00am until 4.00pm.  We arrived at about 9.50 and literaly got blown across the car park after thinking as we opened the car doors that they were going to be blown off their hinges.  I would def reccomend arriving when they open as when we left at 11.10 it was packed in the car park and everywhere else.  We just fell in love with this place and have decided to make it at least a monthly if not more family traditition.  At the first 2 stalls we got our vegetables for the week and found some wonderful white and yellow carrots that we have never seen before…We also got some great looking fenel, lemons, baby beetroot, limes, avacados & Kafiar lime leaves…One of the stalls had lots of fresh herbs…We went up and down the 2 long aisles down one side and back up the other and then the same down the next aisles..We purchased alot of wonderful fresh ingredients…Fresh lemon garlic aoli, venison salami, amazing fresh bread, awesome greek food.  Trina you would love 2 of the stands with their traditional greek food!  I could go on about everything we purchased but it was amazing and we can’t wait to use all the fresh ingrdients, lots of things like fresh bagles and pita breads made that morning and no preservatives etc.  I will say the most different purchase that I will honestly tell you I didn’t think I would like was an Avacado honey – yes strange i can hear you saying but just like the guy selling it said, it had 2 tastes, first a caramel and then a fruity taste and yummo..

What else have we been up to? My friend’s wedding is in a month’s time on 10th november so one of the other bridesmaids and I have been organising her bridal shower/hens party.  So it is going to be a very busy time.  28th Oct we have tickets to go to the Queen Musical at the Civic that we gave Richard for his birthday, 03 Nov Hen’s Party, 10th Nov wedding, 11th Nov clear up after wedding, 16th off to Wellington for Stacey Julian and friends.  I am in Wellington for 4 days and back on the Monday at lunch time.

We have some awesome lemons at the moment so I went out after the market and purchased some Rock Salt and new jars and am going to use the wonderful recipie off Penny’s blog to do Preserved lemons to put in our Christmas Hampers that we are going to give to friends this year.

Yesterday afternoon we ventured out to our garden out the back…Richard had to try and get rid of some Wooly Nightshade the was growing over from the neighbour’s bush/garden and then weed wacked some garden as well.

I am also using some of the lemons this afternoon to try and make my first ever Lemon Tart.

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful coments on my blog latley.  I am sorry if I haven’t replied, I promise to answer more comments.

I have also finished my layouts and OTP for the Scrapbook Studio DT Call so just have to photo those and email them through.  I am up against the wonderful Louise for 1 of 3 spots so even if I don’t get through I have loved the work that I have done.

Well, must be off and have some lunch and see if I can get the marker off David that he managed to get all over his hands and onto his face when we were having Art time before.

Take care everyone and big hugs to Louise & Family who are all feeling under the weather.