Wow, it has been a long time.

September 25, 2007

I am so sorry that it has been so long…I truley don’t know where the days, weeks and even the months are going at the moment.  This time next week it will be October….In 6 1/2 weeks i will be a bridesmaid at a friends wedding and in 7 1/2 weeks I will be heading down to Wellington to particpate in an awesome event with Stacey Julian and Friends.  Then someone told me today that it is 3 months today until Christmas….I don’t know how that crept up on us so fast.  I was up at the new K Mart in Albany on Sunday and they had started to get their Christmas Decorations and trees out….

Okay firstly for my lovely understanding friends that I drew out of a hat and said that I would RAK, I haven’t forgotten but haven’t managed to get near a Post Office much.  I promise that these wil leave this week.

On Saturday we had our housewarming party.  We had it as an Open Home and people could come and leave when ever they liked. Over the space of 7 hours we had around 40 people here with about 12 – 14 of them being children.  We all had a wonderful time….I had my lovely local SE friends around me, Louise, Hannah, Janet & Alice.  Reports from all were that a great time was had.

Richard at 5pm yesterday came off a stretch of 11 days straight on call and we have felt the effects of it as most of the calls came during the night one after another.  Yay 10 days with no call outs and lots of family time which we are realising we haven’t had much of latley.

Yesterday David and I joined his friend Grace, her mum and another little boy and his mum and we travelled over to Takapuna and went to Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Dance Party.  I was nervous about this as I did not know how David would cope in one spot for an hour…I needen’t have worried.  We walked into the theatre and the lights were on and lots of people and he started to giggle and then omg when the lights went out and the curtain went up he got so excited and clapped and tried to do all the actions and just loved it.  We last about 40 mins in our seat before he wanted to climb over everyones seats and climb onto the stage so we ended up getting up and dancing in the aisle…Yay David thank you for being such a gem for mummy!

Today David and I met with a lovely Porse Consultant about putting him into Porse Day Care 2-3 days a week which will be awesome for him and also good for me to catch up on things, have a break and get into Essential Memories and Care 2 Crop more.  For David he will have other kids the same age to play with and they also go out to do activities and a playgroup once a week etc.  We are meeting with one lady on Friday that sounds great and by talking to her this afternoon I think we may have actually met at Mainly Music.  The Porse Consultant that came today loved David and thought that he had a really great personality and which ever carer he ends up with that they would just have the best time ever with him.

We have decided to do our Grocery Shopping online.  It is only our 2nd time doing this since we moved but it is so good as i orderded it at 10.00am and we had it by lunch time and no going out in the cold and wet and more family time.

We had lots of Fruit Salad left over from the Party so I made Fruit Salad muffins this afternoon.  I better be off and get dinner on. 


5 Responses to “Wow, it has been a long time.”

  1. Hannah said

    The housewarming party was great, we really enjoyed ourselves and we all commented afterwards that it’s a shame we live so far apart as we’d love to hang out with you guys more!

    I’m sure David will enjoy daycare, and it will be nice for you to have more time for the things you are involved with. A bit of daycare never hurt anyone – it’s great for social interaction with other kids.

  2. Penny said

    I luurrrrve online shopping. It’s a life saver at times!

    I’m sure David will love some day care too. I know my son did, and it is great for them to get to know other children, adults and be exposed to the different activities and experiences. I learned heaps from the teachers too so it’s not a one way trip. I certainly couldn’t offer him all the great opportunities for learning and fun that they did! 🙂

  3. Janine said

    Wow busy times Debs. Sounds like things are going well. David will love getting to know other kids. My friend uses them down here and wow A loves it. You will also love the “me time” you get.

  4. yaseennz said

    Sounds like you had a fabulous home warming party.
    I reckon a bit of daycare is fab for both Mum and kid. You get some time out to refresh and recharge while your little one gets to experience a new environment, friends and activities.

  5. Mrs Frizz said

    Sounds like you had a blast with your house warming party/open home …

    Hope you took the camera to the dance party … look forward to seeing your layouts. Tell me that you did take the camera ???!!!

    Grocery shopping on-line … now that would be a novel experience … have fun!!!

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