Hee hee okay now that I have your attention….

At the moment I have butter out getting soft in order to use up the very browning bananas that we have in the fruit bowl and Richard has been so lovely and understanding latley that i am making his favourite anzac biscuits…david will have fun stiring the mixture…I am often asked with my busy busy schedule how do i find time to do all my baking…I actually find it relaxing and doesn’t take me too long at all…

Okay Essential Memories has it’s first order for Christmas.  Richard’s office manager is getting me to do 3 personalised callenders for her to send to family in the Netherlands so that will be great.  Speaking about this, I must really start trying to work out what to put on our Christmas Cards this year…

We are off in about half an hour or so to go walking with a friend of David’s Grace and her Mummy…We normally all go to Mainly Music on a Thursday morning but with it being the School holidays that is off….It is great for David as Grace only lives about 3-4 mins away walking…they are meeting us at the end of the Driveway and we are walking up and around the botanical gardens.  The possibly stopping at the Cafe afterwards for morning tea.

Well, must be off….I haven’t been feeling the best so so much to do and catch up on.


Wow, it has been a long time.

September 25, 2007

I am so sorry that it has been so long…I truley don’t know where the days, weeks and even the months are going at the moment.  This time next week it will be October….In 6 1/2 weeks i will be a bridesmaid at a friends wedding and in 7 1/2 weeks I will be heading down to Wellington to particpate in an awesome event with Stacey Julian and Friends.  Then someone told me today that it is 3 months today until Christmas….I don’t know how that crept up on us so fast.  I was up at the new K Mart in Albany on Sunday and they had started to get their Christmas Decorations and trees out….

Okay firstly for my lovely understanding friends that I drew out of a hat and said that I would RAK, I haven’t forgotten but haven’t managed to get near a Post Office much.  I promise that these wil leave this week.

On Saturday we had our housewarming party.  We had it as an Open Home and people could come and leave when ever they liked. Over the space of 7 hours we had around 40 people here with about 12 – 14 of them being children.  We all had a wonderful time….I had my lovely local SE friends around me, Louise, Hannah, Janet & Alice.  Reports from all were that a great time was had.

Richard at 5pm yesterday came off a stretch of 11 days straight on call and we have felt the effects of it as most of the calls came during the night one after another.  Yay 10 days with no call outs and lots of family time which we are realising we haven’t had much of latley.

Yesterday David and I joined his friend Grace, her mum and another little boy and his mum and we travelled over to Takapuna and went to Dorothy the Dinosaur’s Dance Party.  I was nervous about this as I did not know how David would cope in one spot for an hour…I needen’t have worried.  We walked into the theatre and the lights were on and lots of people and he started to giggle and then omg when the lights went out and the curtain went up he got so excited and clapped and tried to do all the actions and just loved it.  We last about 40 mins in our seat before he wanted to climb over everyones seats and climb onto the stage so we ended up getting up and dancing in the aisle…Yay David thank you for being such a gem for mummy!

Today David and I met with a lovely Porse Consultant about putting him into Porse Day Care 2-3 days a week which will be awesome for him and also good for me to catch up on things, have a break and get into Essential Memories and Care 2 Crop more.  For David he will have other kids the same age to play with and they also go out to do activities and a playgroup once a week etc.  We are meeting with one lady on Friday that sounds great and by talking to her this afternoon I think we may have actually met at Mainly Music.  The Porse Consultant that came today loved David and thought that he had a really great personality and which ever carer he ends up with that they would just have the best time ever with him.

We have decided to do our Grocery Shopping online.  It is only our 2nd time doing this since we moved but it is so good as i orderded it at 10.00am and we had it by lunch time and no going out in the cold and wet and more family time.

We had lots of Fruit Salad left over from the Party so I made Fruit Salad muffins this afternoon.  I better be off and get dinner on. 

PIF & Rak Draw!

September 7, 2007

Morning Everyone!  Wow, I can’t believe that it is Saturday morning already.  I have just spent the last hour or so unpacking some more boxes and now i am surrounded by scrapping items that i want to use and also need to find homes for as the huge desk we were getting for my studio fell through so i seem to be scrapping in different parts of the house at the moment.

As many of you have already been PIFed i am going to combine my PIF and Rak Draws together and pick 6 names of people that have left messages on my blog over the past 3 weeks and send them something…

Okay drums rolling they are.  Come on up

Michele – Mrs Frizz,

Michele Tan

Mummymoo – Janine

Ruth NZ



If you can please send me an email on debbie _ b at ihug dot co dot nz – and I will get you’re RAK’s in the mail this week.  Thank you to everyone that visits my blog.

What have we been up to?  Well, I have been working on this weeks challenge at SE and have a great time with it.  I received my DT box and will try yet again to upload a pic of the contents.  We went to Music on Thursday morning, yesterday we went and got a few things at the shops and made invites for our Housewarming.  This afternoon I am off for my first dress fitting for my bridesmaid dress.  I am bridesmaid for one of my best friends on the 10th November…Wow pretty much 2 months to go and so much to do.

Tomorrow we are off up to Stanmore Bay to visit with Louise (Brantics) and her family.  Her son Joshie and David are only 3 months apart and have a blast playing together.  Both absolutly love Bob the Builder. 

Well best be off and have an awesome weekend.

Yay and Pay it Forward

September 3, 2007

Lots to report on this morning. Firstly yesterday afternoon Richard had to go down to Hamilton for a job so David and I went down for the Drive….We caught up with Richard’s parents while he was working and came home with some extra hand me down toys for David which will be great for the family room and some plants.  Richard’s dad has a huge section and lots and i mean lots of plants.  We came home with about 15 strawberry plants, 2 spagetti squash and a crown pumpkin plant.  Yay into the gardening this week.

When we got home I quickly logged onto the SE Forum and found an awesome message from Meg to say that I was the Guest Designer for September…OMG I am so excited….a pizza box of goodies are winging their way to me…Will take a pic when they arrive and start getting creative.

 Then this morning I wake to find an email from Ilka to say that I am her Pay it Forward receipient…yay thanks Ilka.  So over the next 3 days I will pick a person each day to Pay it forward to.

Just a short post this morning, haven’t managed to get photos uploaded yet so will try and find time tonight to do that.

Happy Father’s Day Richard

September 2, 2007

Sorry that it has been so long since my last post.  I either have forgotten some days, couldn’t be bothered, really tired or purely haven’t had the time.

Firstly Happy Father’s Day Richard. We have had a quiet Father’s Day and just taking it easy. David gave his Daddy a sketch that a friend of mine did for us from a photo from our wedding of David and a box of favourite chocolates…I don’t know who was more excited about the chocolates David or Richard…Don’t know how David knew what they were but all he was concerned was that it was food….We don’t allow him to have much chocolate at all.  I made Richard French Toast with caramalised Banana & Bacon and a Hot Chocolate.

Then off to the Supa Centre for the boys to go to Bunnings and I went to Harvey Normans to get my photos printed for the next SE Ulimtate Scrapper Challenge.  I am enjoying this competition and even though I am not coming any where I am still getting more layouts done and David is getting heaps more layouts done for his album.

What else have we been up to?

Thank you for all your thoughts and concern about David’s teeth…After inspection last night which I will tell you was not easy at all and was the first real inspection for the last 10 days…he really doesn’t like us looking in his mouth.  We could finally see white points on what we thought was four eye teeth through the skin.  Yay, hopefully those and the rest that are giving him hell are through totally real soon.

Last thursday we went to Mainly Music and I think David is starting to get the hang of it and we have made friends with a little girl 2 weeks older than David and her mum that just happen to live a 2 min drive from our new house.  David has a play date with her this coming Thursday afternoon.  We are also in the process of trying to find a play group at the moment.

I will post Father’s Day photos tomorrow night along with some other great photos that we have taken latley.

Take care and have a wonderful evening.