Wow, I can’t believe what an amazing day it is.  The sun is shining and the sky is a pure blue.  I truley can’t wait for Summer to arrive in full force.  I am truley a summer person and hate it when it is all grey and horrible.  I am def a happier person when the sun is shining…

Yesterday afternoon David and I went for a walk up to near the Botanical Gardens.  We now live on a hill and it isn’t until you actually walk up it that you realise how steep it is.  It is particulary steep for someone that is very unfit but I didn’t let that stop me.  I am aiming to go out for a walk even if it is up the hill and along the road to the group of shops at least every second day or every day if time and the weather permits. It was a great walk.

I am having problems loading up to Flickr so I am going to work on that through the day.  I didn’t want it to stop me updating my blog.  Last night I uploaded my layout to the SE Gallery for the Ultimate Champion comp.  I am actually really happy with this one.  I am so excited to see everyone else’s tomorrow morning and find out what the next Challenge is.

Since moving into this house I am trying to be alot more organised regarding housework etc.  I am writing a list everyday of things I need to get done.  I am the Queen of Lists at the moment.  This is such a beautiful house that I really want to keep on top of everything….Does anyone out there have granite bench tops as I am going to research today if i should be using anything in particular instead of the spray and wipe that I have been using.  I am sure I saw on the Living Channel one day that I am supposed to oil them once a month or something.  I will go on the net.

David is teething at the moment.  My wonderful boy doesn’t do things by halves.  He is getting 2 eye teeth and possibly 4 molars through at the moment.  The poor wee darling.  

Well, must be off and have a shower and get started on some more things.


Update – Monday 20th

August 19, 2007

Well, here I am back blogging. I have decided to make a special time either every morning or evening to update my blog. I am taking photos for all of you of our new house today and will upload these all tonight. I will pre warn you all now that this is going to be a long post.

Well, what have we been up to? It is our 10th day in our new house and we are just loving it. So much space for David to move around and also to run. He has just figured out that if he walks really fast he can start running. His favourite thing is running away from us up and down aisles at shops. He proved this to Daddy yesterday as they went into Jayco and Richard spent 90% of the time trying to catch David.

Through our Real Estate Agent who we have become good friends with we now have 14 cubic metres of fire wood. Well to be honest half is here and half is at the farm down the road. Last week I was just about to start ringing around ordering some more fire wood and Glenis arrived to say an elderly couple down the road at just transfered to a Gas Fire and had excess firewood. Well yesterday we headed down to their farm to pick it up. They loaned us their wonderful huge covered trailer and we managed to load about half of it and bring back here and put into wheelbarrows and then down the side of the house and putting it under the house. Only problem with this is I need to be a whole lot shorter so that I don’t get a really sore back doing the loading down stairs. The was perfect enough for us to do the rest yesterday afternoon but Richard and I both agreed that we aren’t fit enough and didn’t want to over do it. We though we did pretty well with 7 cubic metres of fire wood moved yesterday. We have had a fire every night for the last week. Once we have all this at the property I honestly think we won’t have to get firewood until winter 2009. Going to take a few pics. Must do a layout on this. While there we also met the Gentleman’s daughter and grandson. His grandson is only 2 weeks older than David and when the new day care up the road opens that David will be going to 2 days a week he will have a little friend called Liam…They only live about 5 mins drive from us if that. Yay another friend for David. With not having any family up here and all the other members of our coffee group living out Puke way we don’t get to see them very much.

Prior to moving we purchased some furniture for my scrap room and the crop area in the garage that I am going to have to take crops, classes etc. Well Thursday and Saturday we picked up the furniture that these kind people have been holding onto for us until after we had moved. We picked up an awesome Book case for the scrap room, huge cube units/cubby hole units that are big enough to put in cardstock and PP so will be putting that into the crop area for Care 2 Crop supplies and Class supplies etc. We also got a corner unit for the scrap room but alot taller than we thought and will 1/4 of the actual windows so looking for another one and going to use the one we purchased in the crop area. I also picked up a huge fold up table that will comfortably fit 10 people with 12×12 cutting mats. We are going to have fun at our Scrap Weekends girls.

What else? David and i are having lots of fun and he is just mastering hands on your head. He doesn’t speak alot (well much that you can understand), he babbles away but does understand alot. This was really proven last week when we couldn’t find one of the cats before we went out as we didn’t want them to venture outside yet and Richard and I are going around the house calling Jazzy and David is running around calling Yaz, yaz, yaz and goes up to the cat basket puts his hand on top and cocks his head looking inside for the cat and then over to the dining room table and looks under there and really tries to help us find him. To me this is big as I can really see that he is understanding. Those of you with kids, when did your kids start talking lots?

I am so excited, finally managed to get a copy of the Latest Up 2 Scrap and our Care 2 Crop article written by the lovely Louise is in it. Also it is awesome to see so many laddies that I have come to know have layouts in the mag…Congrats everyone. They have a DT call with submissions due 15th September.

If the weather fines up this week I am going to start working on our garden. The outside doesn’t have much grass in areas as the previous owners were doing lots of refurb and new building for us before we moved in and with the bad weather the grass hasn’t had a chance to grow. There is also a large are that needs more top soil put but Mark the previous owner and his Dad are coming out in a couple of weeks to do this for us and will purchase more if needed. Also does anyone know anyone that does fencing and/or drive ways as we want to put concrete down on the drive way instead of the base corse we currently have and want to put up a few fences to fence David in out the back as the area has quite a slope in places. I would prefer to give the business to someone that I know or know through someone…

Well, if you have lasted this long you are amazing. I am actually going to be giving away some RAKS over the next 2 weeks. Each Friday for the next 2 weeks I will be drawing out a name and sending them a package of product.

Our New Home!

August 14, 2007

Well we have had our first 4 nights in our new home!  We have had a few dramas with settlement etc but will fill you all in on that tomorrow.

Haven’t got time to update much at the moment but will update more tomorrow i promise.  Lots to tell.