Awwww My little man is growing up…..

July 28, 2007

This morning we went up the road to our new Hairdressers which will be about a 10 min walk max from our new house.  David and I both got Hair cuts.  David had a trim back in April but hardly any cut off.  Well today he had quite a bit cut off.  Before anyone asks he still has his lovely curls but at one point his hair was 5 inches long in places…I knew a little boy was hiding under this huge mop of hair but ….Richard and both agree he looks so much like a little boy now and nothing like a baby….Here are a few pics…

Haircut - 28.07.07 - 1

Haircut - 28.07.07 - 2

Well, I have finished the Scrapbook for my 3rd client and she was just rapped…I am sooo glad that she liked it.  I loved and so did Richard but you never know what other people will think.

I have decided to enter the SE Scrapbook Champion but going to have to go through my stuff that isn’t packed and pack the basics into my Wheelie Tote and make note of where other things are packed.  I am trying hard to do the warm up challenge but our stupid colour printer hasn’t wanted to work for the last month or 2 so will have to take a pic and work out when I can get to Harvey Norman’s….

Well, must be off and start organizing dinner.  Fish & Salad Burgers and wedges on the menu for tonight.  Take care everyone and I will be back tomorrow.


6 Responses to “Awwww My little man is growing up…..”

  1. Very cute with his new haircut. What about a photo of your new style??? 🙂

  2. Mrs Frizz said

    Wee cutie patootie … a hair cut can change the look of a wee man, just like that. He’s gorgeous.

  3. Hannah said

    Awww, David looks so cute with his hair cut! Glad YOUR hairdresser listened to you and didn’t cut off all his curls!! He looks so much older now.

  4. Penny said

    They can just grow up with one haircut eh!

  5. Jacs said

    Omg! that baby is just too cute!!

  6. Mel said

    I agree – once they get their hair cut they grow up really fast.

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