Care 2 Crop & Stacey Julian!

July 11, 2007

Firstly I want to start off by saying that I hope that everyone is okay out there what with the horrible weather we have been having.  Tuesday night we had lots of lights flickering but luckly did not lose power though quite a few friends around Auckland and north of Auckland did.  We have a sunny day down here at the moment.

A couple of things that I want to mention today.  I am involved in setting up a wonderful organisiation with a lovely lady Louise called Care 2 Crop.  We are just in the starting days but are going to organize groups of people and individuals in making scrapbooks and pages for Starship and Ronald McDonald House and other charities and organziations once we get up and running.  We are in the process of requriting scrapbookers out there that would love to participate and anyone wanting to donate product.  I will update you as the progress goes on.  Any questions please let us know.

Also I am so excited in November to be going down to Wellington to participate in Kiwi Scraps Stacey Julian and Friends.  This will be Kiwi Scraps 2nd Crafting Connection event this year.  In November you will be able to participate in amazing classes by Stacey Julian, Renee Pearson, Wendy Smedly and our amazing Kiwi Nic Howard.

For some reason this won’t let me do a link but if Interested go to

Included in Full Event Registration Package ($395):

  • Class Kits/Product and Class handouts for any four 90 minute sessions/classes and any two 60 minute sessions/classes
  • Stacy Julian’s “Scrap Happy” Event Kick Off Session followed by Mega Crop and “Postcard Highlights”. (PLEASE DO NOT BOOK THIS AS PART OF YOUR PACKAGE – PLEASE REGISTER FOR SIX SESSIONS/CLASSES AS ABOVE)
  • Morning and Afternoon Refreshments
  • Friday Evening Mega Crop Supper
  • A fun and inspirational Registration Product Pack from a variety of manufacturers
  • Preferential Registration for all other Activities, Classes and Events.

There are Mini Event Registration Packages as well.  This is sure to be an amazing event and I can’t wait!  Can anyone tell that I am excited.

Well, must be off and get some things done before one of my beginner scrappbookers arrive that I crop with one morning a week!  It is great being able to help others out.

3 Responses to “Care 2 Crop & Stacey Julian!”

  1. Sharon said

    Sounds like a wonderful project Debbs 🙂

  2. Hannah said

    It’s great that you and Louise are taking on the organising of this project – by the sound of things, you 2 have it all sussed! I’m looking forward to being involved and hearing more about it soon!

  3. Penny said

    You’re a busy lady!

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