Big Weekend!

July 5, 2007

Well, for lots of you mums out there it may not be a big weekend to you but it is to me…I hope that didn’t sound mean.  Richard is away working in Wellington for the weekend and this my first weekend just David and I.  Richard flies out this morning Friday and is back at lunch time on Monday.  DH and I are really, really close and being the first time that I have done overnights by myself with David it is big.  I admire all you mums out there that cope for days if not weeks at a time with just you and the kids and at times with lots more kids than the 1 cutie that I have.

I would probably be more okay with this if I had my licence and we weren’t stuck at home for the weekend.  I will get there I am sure, but if I seem a bit down this weekend you will know why.

Thanks for all the awesome comments on my layout for the Jack me Up Challenge.  I used a photo of our neice who was our flowergirl at our wedding.

10 Responses to “Big Weekend!”

  1. Janine said

    GIven the weather this weekend I think the only place to be is home indoors!! You will be fine Debs, don’t see it as being stuck at home see it as a short adventure. If its fine enough go for a walk outdoors or invite a friend round.

  2. Hannah said

    Debs, you’ll be fine. I completely understand your anxiety, it’s the first time you’ve done it! But the first time is always the hardest, then it gets much easier.

    And I agree with Janine, you’ll probably stay home anyway if this yucky weather continues!

  3. Christi said

    Debbie – Hugh and I are the same. We are very close and I know if I can’t handle something I can turn to him and he will. That’s just how it is with us. So I can imagine your anxiety with Richard being gone. Is David still sleeping frequently through the day or is he down to one nap? Surely you can fill that time with some proper ‘you’ time, right? And when he’s up, it’s probably full on anyway so the weekend will fly by! I’m not fond of being home by myself at night either so that makes Hugh being away hard for work or whatever. If it was nicer weather I would drive down to see you and have a visit 😉

  4. Lynda said

    Big hugs Debs, you will be fine girl and will appreciate Richard all the more when he gets back. Saying that though, I do still remember the panic I felt the first time I was alone with one child. Now that thought is just a distant dream 🙂

  5. girlfriday said

    The first time is always hard. Take care 🙂 and know that we are thinking of you {hugs}

  6. Sharon said

    Hope you have a great weekend anyway – keep dry!!

  7. theateamnz said

    Hi Debs, focus on this time for doing some things for yourself that you have wanted to do. Soak your feet, put a mud pack on your face and spoil yourself. (Of course this may have to wait till little David is tucked up asleep)

    I Hope it goes well for you though.

  8. Tracy said

    I hope your weekend is going smoothly Debs, I agree with the others it is a great time of year to stay tucked up at home.

  9. Mel said

    So how was your weekend? I totally know what you mean. When the kids were little and D had to go away I used to get my Dad to come and and stay because I got worried at night – just security etc. But nowdays it is easier. D was in Melbourne last week for 5 nights and I was OK – I still much prefer him being there and I miss him like crazy though.

    I think you’ll find it’ll get easier when David gets bigger. And know what you have to do – you gotta get your licence, chick!

  10. Mrs Frizz said

    So … how did you go? Was it as bad as you thought it was going to be? I’m hoping that it wasn’t …

    Hope you found yourself some ‘you’ time during the weekend as well.

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