This morning we went up the road to our new Hairdressers which will be about a 10 min walk max from our new house.  David and I both got Hair cuts.  David had a trim back in April but hardly any cut off.  Well today he had quite a bit cut off.  Before anyone asks he still has his lovely curls but at one point his hair was 5 inches long in places…I knew a little boy was hiding under this huge mop of hair but ….Richard and both agree he looks so much like a little boy now and nothing like a baby….Here are a few pics…

Haircut - 28.07.07 - 1

Haircut - 28.07.07 - 2

Well, I have finished the Scrapbook for my 3rd client and she was just rapped…I am sooo glad that she liked it.  I loved and so did Richard but you never know what other people will think.

I have decided to enter the SE Scrapbook Champion but going to have to go through my stuff that isn’t packed and pack the basics into my Wheelie Tote and make note of where other things are packed.  I am trying hard to do the warm up challenge but our stupid colour printer hasn’t wanted to work for the last month or 2 so will have to take a pic and work out when I can get to Harvey Norman’s….

Well, must be off and start organizing dinner.  Fish & Salad Burgers and wedges on the menu for tonight.  Take care everyone and I will be back tomorrow.


Scrappy Friends

July 22, 2007

I love how through this wonderful hobby I can make more good friends.  Louise and her darling son Joshua came over on Friday for lunch and for the boys to play.  Louise and I swear that David and Josh were seperated at birth even though they are 4 months apart, they are just so similar.  Also Louise and I are very similar as well and just clicked straight away.  We chatted away so much that we didn’t go through cardstock colours for our Charity Thing that we are starting up.  Here is a pic of her wonderful Josh.  Louise, I hope that you don’t mind me posting this…he is such a sweetie.  I am posting up a CD of photos to Louise this week.

Doesn’t seem to want to upload at the moment so will try again latter tonight.

Also this afternoon we had a visit from the wondertful Christi and her lovely husband Hugh.  They were out having a couple only day and popped in and brought me these wonderful little gifts…Thank you so much Christi, that is so sweet of you….I will post a pic of my little treasures latter on tonight.  It was wonderful having you and Hugh around and I hope that you both enjoyed your day out.  Like I said in the new year I will have my own car and we have plans to be up on the Peninsular every 10 days so yay I will be able to catch up with you and Hannah and Janet and another friend more….

Inspired by Nic Howard’s New book I have set myself a goal which I am starting tomorrow to take at least 5 photos of every day things and start scrapping more of these.

Also this week I am starting to write a list each night of the things i need to do the next day and putting it up on the fridge.  So far tomorrow I need to do some gardening if the weather is okay, finish more pages for client’s Scrapbook, Start packing up spare bedroom and bathroom.  Also going to try and get out for a walk if the weather warms up a bit and stays sunny, but you never know with the weather we are having at the moment.  This morning while we were out it was discusting and cold and then at lunch time the sun came out and lovely blue sky but still quite cold.

Strange combination I know but 2 of David’s very favourite things at the moment.  He just loves Bob the builder and all the characters on the show.  In David’s new room we are going to make it into a Bob the Builder room with Stickarounds which we can take off when he is older and also other things for his room.  I can’t wait for him to see his new room.  Finally a room that actually look like a kids room.  At the moment his room just looks like any other room in the house but with a cot and change table in it.  As we knew we would end up moving we didn’t want to decorate too much in there.  I am hoping to paint a teal aqua room to go with the grey tea colour that we have at the moment.  Less than 4 weeks to go.  Here is a pic of David when he got his new Bob the Builder T-Shirt a few weeks ago.

 Another of his big loves is bubble baths.  This is def Daddy and David time and he just loves it….he even tries to help Daddy was his hair once the shampoo is in it.  Also a great time to brush his teeth, play with his bath toys and have boy time with his Daddy who he looks up to sooooo much.  Here are a few classic photos that I just love.  I can feel a layout coming on.

Yay, the new Scrap Jack Layout and it is awesome…Congraultations Roo, I can’t wait to scrap jack it….Just working on a picture at the moment. 

This afternoon I had a great friend of mine and her mum who is over from Melbourne for 3 weeks over for lunch.  It was great seeing Evelyn’s Mum as I haven’t seen her since Jan 06 at Evelyn’s Birthday Party and when i was very and I mean very heavily pregnant.  We had a yummy lunch and this evening we are having a real treat and Richard is on his way back with Fish n Chips for dinner.

Tommorow we are off to Syliva Park or Botany to get a couple of Birthday Pressies.  I am then home to start working on a last minute job that I have got this week from a new client.  A 30 Page approx Scrapbook for her Step-Father’s 80’th Birthday.  It is going to be a busy time as I have to have it all finished and to her by 26th July.  Luckly it is just a more personalised Photo Album but using Scrapbooking product and a few embalishments so looking forward to working on it.  So with working on that and packing it is going to be a very busy time indeed.

Well best be off and I can see some adult male scrapbookers in the future.  I have just been over to Hannah’s blog and seen the awesome layout her 5 year old son Ethan did.  Way to go Ethan.

Firstly I want to start off by saying that I hope that everyone is okay out there what with the horrible weather we have been having.  Tuesday night we had lots of lights flickering but luckly did not lose power though quite a few friends around Auckland and north of Auckland did.  We have a sunny day down here at the moment.

A couple of things that I want to mention today.  I am involved in setting up a wonderful organisiation with a lovely lady Louise called Care 2 Crop.  We are just in the starting days but are going to organize groups of people and individuals in making scrapbooks and pages for Starship and Ronald McDonald House and other charities and organziations once we get up and running.  We are in the process of requriting scrapbookers out there that would love to participate and anyone wanting to donate product.  I will update you as the progress goes on.  Any questions please let us know.

Also I am so excited in November to be going down to Wellington to participate in Kiwi Scraps Stacey Julian and Friends.  This will be Kiwi Scraps 2nd Crafting Connection event this year.  In November you will be able to participate in amazing classes by Stacey Julian, Renee Pearson, Wendy Smedly and our amazing Kiwi Nic Howard.

For some reason this won’t let me do a link but if Interested go to

Included in Full Event Registration Package ($395):

  • Class Kits/Product and Class handouts for any four 90 minute sessions/classes and any two 60 minute sessions/classes
  • Stacy Julian’s “Scrap Happy” Event Kick Off Session followed by Mega Crop and “Postcard Highlights”. (PLEASE DO NOT BOOK THIS AS PART OF YOUR PACKAGE – PLEASE REGISTER FOR SIX SESSIONS/CLASSES AS ABOVE)
  • Morning and Afternoon Refreshments
  • Friday Evening Mega Crop Supper
  • A fun and inspirational Registration Product Pack from a variety of manufacturers
  • Preferential Registration for all other Activities, Classes and Events.

There are Mini Event Registration Packages as well.  This is sure to be an amazing event and I can’t wait!  Can anyone tell that I am excited.

Well, must be off and get some things done before one of my beginner scrappbookers arrive that I crop with one morning a week!  It is great being able to help others out.

Thank you so much everyone for all your amazing and I mean amazing support.  To cut a long story short Richard ended up flying us down to Wellington on Saturday morning.  I won’t fully go into the reasons why we ended up going down but Richard is sooo amazing and could see that I just wasn’t coping at all for a number of reasons and didn’t want to see me hurting.

Well, onto other things now. 

Our New House.  Just under 5 weeks until moving day and I can’t wait to get into our new house.  I took pics last tuesday but they didn’t all come out so will post a pic of one of my favourite non scrapping areas of the house.  I will post more pics once we have moved in.

Black Granite Bench Top, Gas Hob, Electric Oven, Lots and lots of storage and they are leaving their stanless steel fridge for us.  The kitchen window looks out to the new deck which has steps leading down to the back grass area.  We are having a little gate put at the top of the steps so that david can play on the deck.  From that window I can also see the grass area which is great.

Well, I will post another blog entry tomorrow but at the moment going to go and curl up on the sofa and watch Monday evening TV.

Big Weekend!

July 5, 2007

Well, for lots of you mums out there it may not be a big weekend to you but it is to me…I hope that didn’t sound mean.  Richard is away working in Wellington for the weekend and this my first weekend just David and I.  Richard flies out this morning Friday and is back at lunch time on Monday.  DH and I are really, really close and being the first time that I have done overnights by myself with David it is big.  I admire all you mums out there that cope for days if not weeks at a time with just you and the kids and at times with lots more kids than the 1 cutie that I have.

I would probably be more okay with this if I had my licence and we weren’t stuck at home for the weekend.  I will get there I am sure, but if I seem a bit down this weekend you will know why.

Thanks for all the awesome comments on my layout for the Jack me Up Challenge.  I used a photo of our neice who was our flowergirl at our wedding.

My Scrap Jack Layout!

July 4, 2007

Yay, I have finally been able to get my Scrap Jack Layout scanned….Here it is


What else has been happening?  Well David is majorly teething this week but hopefully finges crossed it is getting better. Just a short post this morning.  Will do a longer post this afternoon with photos of the new house.