Big News on David!

June 25, 2007

As I sit hear typing this i look out the window and it is beautiful blue skies but still very cold outside…I love winter days like this.  Woke up this morning and the DVS system said it was 0 in the roof.  Iced up windscreen and top of car but not bad enough to need the hose this morning.

Yesterday we had the new owners come for another look through, their friends are moving literaly just around the corner so will be great for them. 

Okay big news on our little David’s front.  He has been walking around furniture for quite some time and over the last couple of months just loves pushing things around.  Well in the last 2 weeks he has been taking steps by himself, we are soo proud…He would walk holding onto our hands about 7-8 weeks ago but only for a few steps…Well, last Wedensday it was 4 steps by himself and nothing for the rest of the day, Thursday 8 steps by himself and now he is walking on and off all through out the day…I am sooo proud of my little man!!!  Way to go David!  Trying to get some good photos to upload and scrap.

My mum is coming up this time next week to stay for 6 days which will be awesome.  We love having my mum around and David just loves playing with her.

I have started going through our wardrobes this morning keeping stuff out that we will def wear in the next 7 weeks, making a pile of stuff to either sell or donate to somewhere and genrally trying to clear as much out of the wardrobes as we can.  I am going to slowly work on things each day.

Well best be off and have Breakfast and then after David has had a play we are going to budle up and go out for a walk before the weather gets bad.  Have a great day everyone.

8 Responses to “Big News on David!”

  1. Hannah said

    Way to go, David!!! That’s awesome news, Debbie. You must be really proud. I do remember what it is like when they start walking, soon you’ll be chasing him everywhere and wishing he would just sit still! LOL 😉

    Yep, it’s cold today! Ethan and I were like icicles as we walked to school this morning. He had his Spiderman gloves on but my hands were frozen!! Must go and dig out my gloves and scarf I think! 🙂

  2. Janine said

    Go David on the walking, thats awesome little man. Have fun decluttering Debs.

  3. Christi said

    YAY! Now you have a toddler and it just gets more intense now! Although it is very nice when they start walking. But then you will find that is what he wants to do all the time when you just wish he would sit in a stroller, etc lol. Kamryn starting walking at 9 months and we made her walking in the grocery stores with us so she got used to being there. We were a bit later doing this with Lauryn and now she touches everything when we are there! She can’t help herself! David will love this new freedom and it will be heaps of fun for you too, Debbie!

  4. Yay way to go David, Now he will be constantly on the go.
    Great news about the house too.

  5. Sharon said

    Cool – go David!

  6. Angela said

    Wow, you won’t know what has hit you now that you have a ‘walker’, although it’s much nicer than having them on the ground, especially at this time of the year.

    Sounds like you are on track with the sorting for the move, wish I’d done a better job before we moved here, we just bought all the clutter with us!

  7. Mel said

    Walking – wow! Now see what he can get into!

    And good on you for cleaning out before you shift. DO NOT TAKE RUBBISH WITH YOU. Sell, give away, trade all your surplus stuff. It’s a great time for a cleanout. Imagine how awesome it’ll be in your new home with everything de-cluttered.

  8. girlfriday said

    Too exciting. David walking!!
    Have fun with planning your move 🙂

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