Normal Programing resuming for a Short while.

June 12, 2007

Wow, it is so so busy at the moment that i find it hard to find time to do anything over the past 2 weeks.  It has quitened down for what i think will be a short while so I will blog when I can.  I think I will take a leaf out of Evana’s book and update in bullet point style.

– Spent awesome weekend with Hannah, Janet (Hannah’s Mum), Alice & Christi at Janet’s house over the weekend scrapping our little hearts out.  Will talk more about this in another post.

– Been cleaning and cleaning and decluttering house to go on market.

– Putting all unwanted stuff for now into storage unit and stuff we won’t use again going to our local school car boot sale this weekend.

– House officially went on the market on Monday.  The 15 agents from our local Harcourts office through the house, sign up and photos taken.  Having inspections by appointment for the next 2 weeks and then open homes.

– Site running with the ad and just a few photos as mostly too dark so they are coming back to take more.

– It is amazing how wonderful a decluttered house feels

– Had first person through looking yesterday, couple tonight and someone on Saturday that I know about.

– Have 3 CJ’s to work on from 2 different CJ groups that I am part of to work on.  Lots of birthdays coming up.

– Currently working on ideas for Baby Pressies as 3 woman from our coffee group are all due with in a week of each other at the end of August and then 2 old work mates due September/October.  Have one of their baby shower’s to go to next month.

– Looked at the house about 3km from here that we have our hearts set on.  4 Bedroom set on 1/3 acre.  Just waiting on valuation to come through.  Yay my own scrappy area and enough seperate room to have crops and take classes….Stay tuned for more possible news on this…Working on something at the moment.

Well, must be off and get some more housework and washing done.  Also have birthday pressies to wrap.  It is my very very good friend’s daughter’s birthday on Friday.  Wow, can’t believe that she will be 12.  Also a scrappy friend’s birthday on Friday as well.  So off to Post Office today to post everything off including things on a wishlist swap over at SE.  Bye for now and while things aren’t manic I will def be blogging more I have missed it.


7 Responses to “Normal Programing resuming for a Short while.”

  1. Hannah said

    You’re certainly busy, Debbie! But great news about the house, it sounds like things are ticking along nicely and hopefully you’ll sell quickly and can get that all out of the way.

  2. Sharon said

    Good luck with the house – hope it sells quick 🙂

  3. Michelle said

    WOW! You’ve been busy girl! Good to see an update!

  4. girlfriday said

    Wow busy as. Good to hear it’s all going well 🙂 All the best with the house on the market 🙂

  5. Mrs Frizz said

    Sounds as if everything is just humming along. Hope that the selling process is relatively painless.

    Decluttering … hmmmmmm …

  6. Janine said

    Sounds like a busy time, good luck with selling the house etc.

  7. paperpesto said

    good luck with selling up and moving on Debs, change is exciting!

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