Kia Orana Rarotonga

May 21, 2007

Well, 2 weeks before we were due to leave we had booked a maxi taxi as we knew we would have heaps of stuff, well at 5.30am on the morning we were to leave a normal taxi arrived.  Luckly we had decided to take a smaller pram and this car didn’t have an LPG tank as we managed to fit everything in just.  Arrived at the airport and found that as we had David with us we could go straight up a queue and check in with out really waiting which was great.  It was called an Elderly or family passenger queue.  Checked in and proceeded through security after having breakfast.  Air NZ had advised to be ready to go through Security at least 2 hrs prior to departure becasue of the new security requirments.  Well, we went though in about 3 mins flat and then had at least 2 hrs to kill before our flight was due to leave.  When we had got our boarding passes they had said to keep an eye on the departure board and it would tell us what gate we had to go to.  Well 10 mins before what was supposed to be our boarding time we still didn’t have a gate.  It was a horrible foggy morning in Auckland and we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to take off.  Well, the answer from Air NZ after enquirying was that they weren’t too sure where our plane was.  It was either at Ohakia in Palmerston North or somewhere on the tarmat.  Finally at our departure time of 9.30 they found the plane and allocated us a gate.  We ended up leaving an hour late with a 20% no show on the flight so were able to have 3 middle seats to ourselves.  We latter found out that the 20% no shows were actually passengers from Domestic flights that couldn’t land in Auckland becuase of the fog.  The flight was supposed to have been 100% full.

Arrived in Rarotonga to a real blast of heat that greated us as we walked across the tar mat.  Arrived at our property and at first i wasn’t very happy with it.  We had also just learned that the wonderful owners who had been part of why we wanted to stay at Castaway Beach Villas had actually sold the property 2 days earlier.  It ended up being us and 2 German couples  for the first days.  We decided to look around and found out that our plans to have dinner in the restaurant that night were stopped as the restaurant would be closed until at the earliest Saturday.  There were 3 other properties supposedly within walking distance but not to 2 very tired parents and their tired son who had been up since 4.30 and had only had an hours sleep all day.  We did find a nice restaruant not to far from Castaways.    The next day we had a lovely breakfast and met the office staff who had been really excited about seeing David.  See David was already “World Famous in Rarotonga”.  They were arguing over who had met him first.  Doreen claimed it was her as she had seen his pic back in January when I had emailed it through but then Feney who ran the restuarant and bar thought it was her as she had been the first to see him in the flesh the day before. 

It was a beautiful hot day of about 28C.  We decided to head into town and get a few things.  We had booked an awesome room with Air con, which was an issue at first but got cleared up and a full kitchen.  Some how and i am still not quite sure how but we missed 2 busses but eventually caught one into town.  We had decided to get a car sometime the next week for 3-4 days.  Got into town and wow, the heat and humidy were just so strong. 

Here is a pic of David while we were in town.

Had lunch

and then purchased a few things and decided to take the bus that went the long way around the island back to our accommodation…after a bit of grizzling on the bus David fell asleep in his Daddy’s arms.  David turned into quite a Daddy’s boy while we were away.  I think he was just loving having Daddy around all the time.  Well, he stayed asleep even when we arrived back and went down for a nap for about 2 hours.

After David’s nap we decided to head down to the beach which was right on the property.  It was so beautiful and David quite happily played on the beach and paddled in the water.  He just loves eating Sand and was known tohave quite a few side orders of this through his trip.  Here he is having a blast.

We had a night in that day as we had brought some yummy NZ steak and rolls in town and had Steak rolls for dinner.

The next day dawned with quite a bit of wind but we had decided to head over to Muri Beach which was on the other side of the Island to watch the International Triatalon.  We made it there and had lunch at Sails Restaurant which is set just back from the beach.  While it wasn’t really raining the wind was so strong everyone had to come inside as the spray was hitting or should i say blasting the windows.  We saw a bit of the swim but it was quite hard to see the swimmers amongst the waves.  We then headed next door to Pacific Resort and purchased some post cards and then went for a nice cold lemonade at their bar overlooking the beach.  We then decided to head back for a nap for the little man and then that night we went to the Spagetti House and Richard had cabanara and i had the most devine ever Seafood Pizza.

The next day Sunday was spent just relaxing…Nothing really happens in the Cook islands on a Sunday except for church and it was raining on and off.  That afternoon we ventured down to the beach and had a blast just enjoying each other’s company and exploring.  Richard found the following huge blue star fish.  Hope that you can see it on the pic.

That is just part of it.  I did manage to get 5 Post cards written and stamped that day.  The next goal was to see if I would actually post them which I normally forget to do.  That evening the restuarant reopened with a new team taking it over for awhile.  I ordered a Lime, Chilli, Coriander and Shrimp dish which was delicious and i can handle hot chillis but these were way way too hot.  I then had a Coriander and Lime chicken salad which was devine.   While we were having Dinner the rain set in.  We had ordered a yummy coconut pie which we call Impossible Pie over here and I sent Richard and David upstairs while the rain wasn’t too bad and i was going to bring it up with a cover over it.  Well, i did but everysingle part of me was soaked when i got upstairs.  I was going to have a hot shower but then remembered that as the hot water was run from Solar heating if this rain kept up for the next few days it would be best to keep the hot water.  It latter turned out that that night between 7.00pm & 10.00pm we had 55mm of rain.

Well, going to sign off for now but thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments so far and I hope that I am not going to bore you with this.  Thought that this is the best way to log it all down and then i can use journalling from here towards the album that i want to start for our trip very very soon.  Have a great Monday everyone.


8 Responses to “Kia Orana Rarotonga”

  1. Tracy said

    Welcome home! Glad you guys had such an awesome time! congratulations on your win too!

  2. Hannah said

    Great to hear more about your trip, Debbie. Sounds like the fog at Auckland airport was the same fog that delayed our flight to ChCh around the same time! :-0

    Looks like David really loved the beach and the sand. Can see a few “beach” layouts coming up, LOL 😉

  3. scrappydo said

    Boring? Not on your life!! You’re making me JEALOUS!!! 😆 sounds like a fabulous vaction. I look forward to getting the next installment.

  4. Janine said

    Sounds like a great break away. amazing how some sun and sea can make you feel refreshed.

  5. Sharon said

    Sounds glorious!!

  6. Mrs Frizz said

    I want you to share the next instalment now as well – I’m ready – lol.

    Love the pic of the wee fella on the beach and eating sand – ewwwwhhhhhh!!!!!!

    The blue starfish are amazing – we saw them when we were in Fiji – beautiful shade of blue – stunning …

  7. Julie said

    Wow – sounds like heaven – thank you for sharing such a fab trip experiences – awesome!

  8. Mel said

    Everytime Elliot goes on a bus in Rarotonga he immediately falls asleep,too!

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