Whew what a busy week!

April 20, 2007

Long time no blog.  The past week has just been so full on.  Last friday after Janine M picked me up and we headed into the Novotel in Ellerslie for the weekend for Freestyle.  I was doing a mixture of classes and Teacher Help.  Wow, what an amazing weekend.  I am going to write all about Freestyle in a latter post this weekend as I think it totally deserves it’s own post.  Sunday afternoon saw me coming home a few hours early as I finally got it out of Richard that what was just a funny tummy on Saturday had turned into a full out bout of Food poisoning via some chicken for dinner that he had had on Friday night.  Darling man that he is didn’t want to me earlier how bad it had got has he didn’t want to ruin my weekend…What a sweetie…Great news is after going to the afterhours in Papakura on Sunday night and being given some pills to take he is much better.

I will pre warn you now that I have about 4 posts to do on here this weekend so there will be lots of reading for the rest of you.

Monday was a quiet day at home trying to recover from the busy weekend and just catch up on general things around the house.  Tuesday evening I chatted to Michelle T and congratulations Michelle she got through to the 4th round of the Scrapstreet star.  For her fourth round she had to post a challenge do it herself and get a few people to do it for her.  Well I offered my services and came up a very busy layout but one that i am very pleased with.  I will post it once the judging for Michelle has finished for this round.  I am pretty sure i can put it on my blog but just want to be sure.  I have worked on this layout over the week and finished Thursday night while watching Grey’s and got Richard to scan yesterday at work for me.

Wednesday saw us at the Dentist for David’s first ever appointment.  We thought this would be interesting as David really hasn’t liked us brushing his teeth or putting our fingers in his mouth with a cloth to wipe them.   Well, he was amazing for the Dental Nurse and now just loves his teeth being brushed….She suggested letting him play with his toothbrush in the bath and him and Richard make a game out of it.

The evenings and mornings here have been getting so cold so Thursday saw me heading out to get some winter pj’s, bath robe and slippers for david….I also couldn’t resist some cool little gumboots as he loves getting outside even when it is wet and thought as he is nearly walking these would be great for outside play.  Ended up finding this absolutly beautiful half pink dressing gown that is oh so soft and has hearts all over it for me….Just loving wearing it.

Friday my energy was zipped totally.  Got up yesterday morning and our DVS System said that it was 1C in the roof, it stayed between 1-3 for about 3 hours….

Today Richard has a full days work so we are treating it like a week day.  Have one of my best friend’s and her fiance coming over for Afternoon tea so will get baking this morning so we have some yummy food and also send them home with some stuff as their oven doesn’t work properly so they could everything on the stove top and electric frying pan…Went to bake yesterday morning as it was so cold and didn’t have enough ingredients so it was a trip to the supermarket when richard got home last night.

Well best be off.  I have a few things to do, then some baking and i am going to work on my entry for the Paper Pesto Design Team, excited about this and going to do the 2 layouts & 1 OTP from scratch.

Have a great Saturday and I will be back on this evening.


7 Responses to “Whew what a busy week!”

  1. Mrs Frizz said

    Great to hear that you enjoyed being creative last weekend … at Freestyle. Shame tho that Richard ended up with food poisoning … not pleasant at all.

    I can see a cracker layout of David, a toothbrush and the bath tub coming up … what we have to do to encourage them to clean their teeth … lol!

    Good luck with the PP DT …

  2. Sharon said

    Your other half is a star!! Good luck for the DT 🙂

  3. Hannah said

    Wow, busy time for you Debbie! Good luck with the Paper Pesto DT! I was going to apply but decided I’m busy enough already, LOL 😉 Look forward to hearing more about Freestyle and seeing your layouts 🙂

  4. A week since Freestyle … how did that happen! The fun never ends though does it 😉

  5. Janine said

    awww how sweet of your hubby. pleased the trip to the dentist went well. Sounds like busy time!!

  6. kitkat said

    Playing with the toothbrush in the bath works a treatfor us too. My boy loves his toothbrush and even opens his mouth for us to brush his teeth – we have to be really quick though as he grabs the brush after about 5 seconds to have a go himself.

  7. Trina said

    Go you on the PP DT. Cool.

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