So Excited!

April 11, 2007

Yay, I am so excited.  I don’t know where the last month has gone but yay Freestyle starts tomorrow night.  I was orginally staying Friday night at the hotel with Janine M and sharing her room but she asked me the other day if i wanted to stay Saturday as well.  Originally i had discussed with Richard and he said just the one night but this morning he said it was fine to stay the Saturday as well.  Which will work out great as there is a Dinner organised and also I am as well as doing my classes on sunday acting as a TA in different classes which will be great.  So it is a boys weekend for Richard and David from mid Friday afternoon until late Sunday afternoon….it will be so great for them to have lots of one on one time together.  David also has been invited to his babysitters son’s 4th birthday on Sunday afternoon.  So I am off to buy a pressie and get a card made this afternoon.  It is also our neighbour’s daughter’s 3rd birhtday on Sunday so make that 2 presents to get and 2 cards to make.

This afternoon I also have 2 get the last of my supplies for the weekend along with packing and getting my tote bag ready and my homework as well.  Janine M and I are going to head in about 3pm and then hang out at the hotel until the crop at 7.30.  Will be fun.

Also a Big thank you to my secret Bunny from the SE forum, I love everything…i got some Easter Scrapbook Product and some yummy mini eggs.  Also a Big Thank you to Lynda M from the SE Forum for my page swap.  I have seen a sneak peak on her blog (not sure how to do links) and it looks great.  Looking out in the mail for it, can’t wait.

Also we got David’s ECG results back.  Weren’t sure if we would have to go back and somehow get another one as the one we got done wasn’t that readable becuase of David’s crying/screaming and moving around.  The results are that his ECG was fine and he has what the Specialist thought is a Innocent Flow Mumor (sorry for spelling) which is when they can actually hear the blood flowing through the heart area.

Well, must be off and do some housework before going out this afternoon.  Take care and i will update again in the morning with some photos this time.  Have to get them loaded up from the camera first.


4 Responses to “So Excited!”

  1. Janine said

    sounds like you have some cool things to look forward too Debs. Enjoy CC07. The easter bunny swap was fine and I liked Lyndas sneak peak of your layout. Have a great day.

  2. Mrs Frizz said

    Hope you have an awesome weekend creating and that you enjoy a little comraderie, a little scrapping, a little socialising – in other words, have a blast. The boys will have a hoot left to their own devices.

  3. Hannah said

    Have an awesome weekend, Debbie! Can’t wait to hear all about it next week. I’m sure your boys will have a blast hanging out together, doing “boy stuff” … 😉

    Glad to hear David’s ECG was normal, that must be a relief knowing things are all okay.

  4. girlfriday said

    Have fun Debbie. Might see you in a class at Freestyle! Or between classes 🙂

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