Happy Easter & Happy School Holidays!

April 7, 2007

Wow, i can’t believe it has been over a week since I last blogged.  Oh well, these things happen.  David is getting a lot better, unfortuantly has had a bit the runs but hopefully that is just about over.

Well, what has been happening in our household.  Last week both of my first 2 client’s scrapbooks were finished and completed and either picked up or sent off by courier.  Yay, what an accomplishment.  I now also have had 2 requests for further scrapbooks from another possible customer.  If all goes ahead it will be 2 Brag books for Grandparents,  A Milestones scrapbook from birth to age 5 and a matching scrapbook just for photos etc and possibly a gift book for the babie’s new daddy when bubs is born.  Wow, this will keep me busy.  Luckly bubs isn’t due until June.  I am in planning and costing and idea stages this weekend and then emailing off next week.  When we get back from our Family holiday I will be getting business cards and looking to set up website so if anyone knows of anyone good to do either of these things please let me know.

What else?  We took a drive up to Greenhithe last weekend and dropped some recipie swap cards off at Megan’s and then up to Manly to drop off some chillis and a 18 inch long and 4 kg Corgette and little ones along with Hannah’s Birthday pressie and RAK to Christi. 

The last few days i have been trying to finish some CJ’s that I have here, do a Page Swap and also some pages for some challenges.  We also took david to the International Airport on Friday to get him used to how busy and noisy it is out there.  He knows the Domestic Airport well as he has flown back and forth to Wellington 4 times.  Yesterday we went out and picked up my Wedding Dress and flower girl dress that has been being dry cleaned and boxed up with archival tissue paper, got photos printed out for Freestyle at Harvey Normans and picked a few things up at Spotlight along with then the Grocery Shopping.

Yay, I can’t wait to go to Freestyle next weekend.  I am doing the crop and staying with Janine M at the hotel that night and doing classes Saturday and Sunday.  I may stay the night Saturday but not sure as of yet, waiting on some things Richard and David going to do to be confirmed.  Wow, what an amazing group of laddies that are being brought into teach us….I am so excited.  One of the photos I had to get printed was an 8 X 12 photo of myself, now if you know me you will know that i don’t really like having photos of myself taken but hey I am trying to step out of my comfort zone this year.

All going well this afternoon the 11 year old daughter of a good friend of mine is coming to stay for a few nights.  It will be great to have her around.  I have some Bunny ears here for David so will take a photo of him with them latter and post a pic. 

I hope that everyone is having a great Easter and that the start of the school holidays go well.  I will post more pics latter and tomorrow of our trip out tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Happy Easter & Happy School Holidays!”

  1. Janine said

    well done on completing your projects and good luck with the upcoming ones. Sounds like a busy time ahead for you all.

  2. Mel said

    Wow you are in for some busy times.Bit the same here. Ate way too much at damily lunch today but went for a huge walk tonight )probably only burnt off two of the hot cross buns though!). Hope you have a great week ahead

  3. tanyaleigh said

    WOW!!!! Debbie you sound busy. I’m glad everything is going great for you and your business. I hope David is feeling better. It must be going round as Noah has had that to but coming out the other side of it now. Hope you have had a great long weekend. Take Care

  4. Penny said

    Sounds like you are off to a good start with your business!

  5. Hannah said

    Well done completing your client albums, Debbie!
    Sounds like you’ve been very busy lately … I do appreciate you taking the time to drop off my present, RAK and the chillis! We’ve been eating them and they’re great 🙂

    I think I might have missed something … are you going overseas sometime soon??

  6. Christi said

    Debbie – thanks heaps for the zucchini! I have photos of what we did with it 😉 but haven’t gotten the time to put them on my blog, so stay tuned 🙂 Hey, re: the business cards. I may be able to pull a favor with DH on this one if you want them professionally done. This is his job so let me know.

  7. Julie said

    Wow you have been busy and you look to be busy still!! I hope you had a great easter!!

  8. Mrs Frizz said

    Sounds as tho you are just busy enough and you will be rapt that your first client projects are now done and dusted. Congratulations.

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