My brother is finally following his Dream.

March 17, 2007

I have 5 older brothers and the youngest of the 5 of them has spent 20 of the last 22 years in the Navy.  For at least the last 10 years I can remember him talking about when he left the navy that he would rent out his house and travel around Australia for a couple of years.  Well, on Monday he is flying off to follow his dream.  He left the navy 18 months ago and has been getting his Freight Forwarding qualifications and spending time with family and friends and saving up more money and getting his house in order.   Today we went to one of his best friend’s for a Farewell BBQ.  There were lots of kids there so David loved it.  We got there just after 2pm after spending the morning making Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate chip cookies.  As there were going to be lots of kids there he decided to start it at 2pm.  We left about 6.30 exhausted, but a good exhausted and very very full of amazing food that my wonderful brother had spent all day making.  While I am sad to see him go as he was the only relative that i had in Auckland, I am so very, very happy for him that he is off to follow his dream.  I can’t wait to hear all about all of his travels and adventures and what a wonderful excuse to go over to Australia.

Tomorrow is going to be spent at the park in the morning with David if the weather is nice, fingers crossed while Richard goes to work for about 4 hours, then home to housework and I have had to schedule in work on my client’s scrapbooks.  I am trying to stick to this just during the week and evenings as well so that we have family time at the weekends as Richard is on call alot at the moment and very busy.  This plan didn’t go too well this week as at lunch time on Thursday i went out to pick some tomatoes and chillis from the garden and put my back out.  Luckly i was able to move and came into the house to call richard and prewarn him that he may have to come home and help with David as i wasn’t sure if I could or should lift him.  After taking some nurofen and chilling out on the sofa for an hour i managed to get around be it a bit sore but not as bad as before and was able to look after David.  The next day and a half i wasn’t able to sit for much more than about 10 mins so i lost pretty much a day and a half of work so am having to try and make this up.

I will upload some photos tomorrow that we took at the BBQ. 


8 Responses to “My brother is finally following his Dream.”

  1. Mrs Frizz said

    Busy baking – yummy! Chocolate brownies and cookies – hmmmm! Very nice.

    Hope the back is well and truly okay now. Not pleasant, that’s for real.

    Good luck to your brother as he starts his dream and I hope that you enjoy reading and catching up on his antics … I’m sure a few laughs will be had by all. Enjoy your visit to the park tomorrow, weather permitting.

  2. Wow 5 older brothers must be cool. Great that one is off to follow his dream
    Hope your back is doing okay.

  3. Janine said

    good on your brother as you know I am all about following dreams.
    Hope your back is feeling better. Remember balance is the key when things get crazy.

  4. Sharon said

    Hope your back is better soon – and your brother enjoys his adventure 🙂

  5. Mel said

    5 brothers – wow – I only have sisters.

    Hope you r back is on the mend – I had awful back troubles a few years ago (after Elliot was born) but after months of trouble asn osteopath fixed me. I remember the relief!

  6. Hannah said

    Oh, I’m sure you’ll miss your brother but like you say he is following his dream, which is neat! Have a great time at the BBQ – those home-baked goodies sound very nice indeed!!!

    So sorry to hear about your back injury, I hope things are better now and that you have full mobility and no more pain. Take care!!

  7. Wow, 5 brothers. Sounds like a lovely time yesterday.

    Hope your back is better though – oww!
    Have a good week. Hope all goes to plan.

  8. girlfriday said

    so cool to know that he is following his dream.
    hope the back is better soon.

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