Thanks everyone for your posts.  I have drawn out a name and the winner are as I decided to draw out 2 names are Donna S and Hannah.  Congratulations ladies, a package of Maya Rd Product is on it’s way to you latter this week.  Maya Rd is one of my fav products.  I have both of your addresses so i hope that you enjoy your week package.   All i will say is there is OTP product in it and i would love to see what you come up with.

I have been out of action since Sunday with a tummy bug.  David started to come down with it slightly on Friday and then wasn’t himself all day on Saturday and really quite and was sick a few times so took him to the afterhours on Saturday night and they said there is a gastric bug going around…I felt a bit funny on Saturday but didn’t think much of it and then Sunday morning while richard was out on a call it hit.  So he came home to look after David and I and I went to bed until pretty much this morning with just getting up a few times.  Starting to come right.

Janine has tagged me to write up 5 quirky things about myself….

1. Ever since high school i have tended to cross my fingers, not normally for any particular reason, i just find myself doing it probably out of habit.

2. I just can’t go down Escaltors (sorry for spelling), i have a few times but just freak out and just can’t seem to take that first step to get on.  Always get a feeling that I am going to fall.  I did fall down an escaltor when i was younger and just hate them now.  Going up is fine.

3. When buttering toast or bread i tend to cut off a corner of the piece of bread or toast….

4. I love raw onion sandwiches and not just red onion but white or brown onions.

5. I hate the taste of coffee but love the smell of freshly ground beans or brewed coffee…

Just taking it easy today and must be off and try and get ontop of things.  Have crossed 3 things off my list this morning, filling out our passport forms for our trip in 5 1/2 weeks, paying bills online and updating my blog along with drawing the names of my RAK.  Everyone have a great day.


What a gorgious morning!

March 18, 2007

Got up at 6.45 this morning and walked out to the lounge/dining/kitchen area and opened the blinds to the most gorgious day and 1 1/2 hrs latter it is still here.  The weather report is that we may have a slight shower.  Yay, summer is still here.  Thank you to everyone’s comments regarding my back it is slowly getting there and i am seem to have slight twinges every now and again but just taking it easy.

I am so proud of my darling boy.  4 times yesterday he stood by himself without holding onto anything be it only for about 5 secs but that is huge and awesome…Way to go David.  David is like me he just likes to take his time learning things but once we have learnt it just watch out here we come.  He surprises me so much.  He has the phone piece of an old phone and over the last few days i make a ringing sound and he chats into the phone.  Sometimes the phone piece is upside down or the wrong way but that doesnt’ matter at all.

As of today for the next week I am running a small comp of my own to win 1 of 3 RAKS of awesome Product that I have put together.  The winners will each get a Pizza box of stuff.  All you need to do is leave a comment any time between now and midnight next Sunday and let me know what one of your favourite child hood memories is.

Well, I must dash and do a few things but be back on tonight with some photos.

I have 5 older brothers and the youngest of the 5 of them has spent 20 of the last 22 years in the Navy.  For at least the last 10 years I can remember him talking about when he left the navy that he would rent out his house and travel around Australia for a couple of years.  Well, on Monday he is flying off to follow his dream.  He left the navy 18 months ago and has been getting his Freight Forwarding qualifications and spending time with family and friends and saving up more money and getting his house in order.   Today we went to one of his best friend’s for a Farewell BBQ.  There were lots of kids there so David loved it.  We got there just after 2pm after spending the morning making Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate chip cookies.  As there were going to be lots of kids there he decided to start it at 2pm.  We left about 6.30 exhausted, but a good exhausted and very very full of amazing food that my wonderful brother had spent all day making.  While I am sad to see him go as he was the only relative that i had in Auckland, I am so very, very happy for him that he is off to follow his dream.  I can’t wait to hear all about all of his travels and adventures and what a wonderful excuse to go over to Australia.

Tomorrow is going to be spent at the park in the morning with David if the weather is nice, fingers crossed while Richard goes to work for about 4 hours, then home to housework and I have had to schedule in work on my client’s scrapbooks.  I am trying to stick to this just during the week and evenings as well so that we have family time at the weekends as Richard is on call alot at the moment and very busy.  This plan didn’t go too well this week as at lunch time on Thursday i went out to pick some tomatoes and chillis from the garden and put my back out.  Luckly i was able to move and came into the house to call richard and prewarn him that he may have to come home and help with David as i wasn’t sure if I could or should lift him.  After taking some nurofen and chilling out on the sofa for an hour i managed to get around be it a bit sore but not as bad as before and was able to look after David.  The next day and a half i wasn’t able to sit for much more than about 10 mins so i lost pretty much a day and a half of work so am having to try and make this up.

I will upload some photos tomorrow that we took at the BBQ. 

OMG where do these weekends go?  I can’t believe that it is Monday morning already.  I am actually going to do a few posts today.  I wanted to do this first post as I have been taged by Mel T.

Mel tagged me and asked me to reveal something about the latest book I am reading…I am just about to start reading this book.  I have read it before.

1Find the nearest book…


2 Name the book and the author

“Upside Down Inside Out” by Monica McInerney

3 Turn to page 123

Yes done

4 Go tothe 5th sentence on the page and copy out the next 3 sentences onto your blog

Rex had wandered in after them.  He was now in the bathtub, licking up a puddle of water near the plughole.  Eva tried not to react.

5. Tag 3 more people

OK I’m tagging Hannah, Sharon and Annie

Okay i will be back latter today with another post and some great photos to share.