The Joy’s of Mossie Bites

February 28, 2007

Forgot to post that this morning we woke up to these huge mossie bits on david’s arms and legs.  At first I thought it was chickenpox etc but then realised it was only the exposed parts of his body as he had kicked his sheets off and was only wearing a nappy and singlet becuase of it being so hot.  This is just 2 of them, there are 4 on this arm, 2 on another arm, and a couple on his legs.

Have given him homapathic allergy spray and put soothe stuff on each of the bites

9 Responses to “The Joy’s of Mossie Bites”

  1. Janine said

    hope he feels better soon poor poppet.

  2. Sharon said

    Oh the poor wee thing – my boys swell like that too.

  3. Hannah said

    Ouch! Poor little man … hope they heal up quickly.

  4. Penny said

    Poor baby – I react exactly the same. Not nice.

  5. Oww – My boy reacts the same too. What’s the spray you use?

  6. Donna springgay said

    Ohhh i have that sort of reaction to bites too deb. If you find that they start to blister or are reallt driving him crazy try giving him a little phenagan (sp?). Chck with your chemist first. but it really helps

  7. Mrs Frizz said

    Poor wee fella – not a pleasant experience for him at all … not nice! Hope they heal soon.

  8. Mel said

    Poor baby – I can totally relate. I still swell up like that if I get bitten. Have you tried Combudoron Gel? – homeopathic stuff great for bites/burns/sunburn. Made by Weleda – the same people that do arnica in a tube.

  9. kim said

    yikes…those pesky things like me too..poor guy! Looking forward to seeing you soon sweet debbie! xoxo

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