CJ’s, Heart Murmour and Flat Car Batteries!

February 28, 2007

There that will get you all wondering…I am in the middle of participating in 2 circle journal’s at the moment and have received 2 in the last 2 days.  These are both awesome and can’t wait to get started on them.  I have 2 weeks to do one and 3 weeks to do the other.  I just love being inspired by so many different people and trying out new techniques and steping outside of my comfort zone.

Today we had to go up to the Super clinic in Manukau and just as we hoped in the car the car battery died..Yay, not great timing as it was 2.05pm and we had to be at our appointment at 2.30 so we had to call a cab. Just to get a strange noise that david has had in his breathing and crying since he was about 4 days old checked out…Thankfully it is nothing serious and as the GP originally said he is growing out of it.  It is just that his windpipe is slightly softer than it should be but they are very happy that he will grow up of it.  What he did say was “I suppose you already knew that he had a slight heart murmor”  Richard and I looked at each other with surprise and said No, no one has ever mentioned it.  He thinks it is nothing at all but wants to get an ECG done on him just to be 100%.  So now we are just waiting on an appointmnet.  He even commented that it should be interesting getting an ECG done on David as he is such a courious little wee man that he never likes to keep still….

We are now home waiting for AA to arrive with a new battery as the other one is totally dead and surprised it lasted this long as we got this one back in 2001.

Re Weight Watchers I stupidly looked at the wrong time and got there too late so going to go next week.  I have not let this put a back burner on it as I came home, weighed myself and am writing down everything that i eat.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments and support.

Hopefully AA arrive soon so that I can rush up and get my photos from Harvey Normans that i took in yesterday to get done but they were so busy they couldnt’ print them until today.  Once I have these I will get started on a couple of challenges and my client’s albums.  I only have until Monday next week to get one of them half done for her to come and have a look so it is going to be a scrapping weekend.


6 Responses to “CJ’s, Heart Murmour and Flat Car Batteries!”

  1. Hannah said

    Sounds like quite a day! Sorry to hear about the car battery, but at least it is easily fixed.
    I’m sure the results of David’s ECG will be fine. Like you say it should be extremely interesting getting a small boy to lie still! Tyler had some tests done as a baby and he had to be strapped to the table. NOT fun! But will be good to get David checked out.
    Well done with starting WW on your own anyway! At least when you go next week you’ll already be on the journey!

  2. Tracy said

    I found your new blog, LOL I been checking on blogspot and thinking you had fallen off the wagon!

    Good luck with the next lot of tests for David and your WW programme, I’m on it too 🙂

  3. Michelle H-G said

    Good luck with the ECG, hope David plays the game on the day. Maybe you could start now getting him to lie very still and treat it as a game explaining that he will be able to show the Doctor how good he is at the ‘game’.

    Good on you Debs for going to the WW meeting, doesn’t really matter that you were late, the important thing is that you actually went there, they say the first step is the hardest and you’ve just done that. Some people just sit on the couch saying “I will go” but it doesn’t happen, I’m so proud of you for getting off the ‘couch’.

  4. girlfriday said

    Lots of dramas today 🙂
    Glad to hear that everything worked out in the end … and great inspiration coming your way in the Circle Journals – aren’t they fun 🙂

  5. Penny said

    Hate cars when they don’t co-operate!

    Hope the heart murmur is benign. Our GP thought she heard one on Lydia but she isn’t sure and is going to check next time.

  6. Nikki said

    Hay Debs, sounds like an interesting day! I got told ages ago that Ben had a murmour as well, never took it any further and haven’t had any problems what so ever so am sure David will be fine – good luck with trying to keep him still (if he’s anything like Ben). Cars ah!

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