Looking after myself more!

February 24, 2007

I have made a concious decision to look after myself more.  What i mean by this is to totally get back into my weight loss.  I have had a really big think about this and have discussed with Richard and I find when I am really busy and have lots of things on which I am loving I need a more structured weight loss programe.  I am loving schedules for myself at the moment.  I found that going to see my Nutrionist really helped last year but it isn’t scructured enough for me at the moment so I have made the decision that I am going to start going back to Weight Watchers.  I need that support of lots of people along with weekly meetings where i can be held accounted for my past actions.  I have done Weight Watchers before and have done really well and love the support and everything about it.   I am going to my first meeting on tuesday.  What I will do is each Tuesday evening post my weight loss so that I can keep track of it on here and know that I have to put it on each week.

Another thing which i am going to do to look after myself more is my skin care regime which to be totally honest at the moment is non existint.  I have also decided to grow my hair long again.  It is nearing at the moment that horrible in between stage where it is to short to put up but too long to style properly and it is normally at this point that i would go out and get it cut but I have decided to grow it and go back to my natural brown colour but maybe with a few highlights once it has got a lot longer.

I am going to get Richard to take before photos this weekend and I have decided that every 2 months i will take more photos specifically to put into a journal which i am making to chart my loss. 

Well, must be off but to everyone have a great day and I will blog a bit more latter on today.


10 Responses to “Looking after myself more!”

  1. Good on you. Little steps all the way. And we are all here for you to help keep you on track if needed. If you want a weight loss buddy then email me as I am on that track too.

  2. Janine said

    Go you!! It’s all got to be good!! Just remember baby steps….

  3. Hannah said

    Well done for making the choice to go back to WW and look after yourself more. I’m sure that in a few weeks’ time you’ll be feeling great and it will reinforce how it is soooo important to take time for ourselves and really look after ourselves.

  4. Mel said

    Good on you for making this decision, Debs. Great when you can figure out what works for you. A never ending struggle for me at the moment.

  5. Michelle H-G said

    WTG Debs. Set little goals for yourself. Try and walk every day and don’t forget to email me, my emails from you have helped me drop 6kg in 6 weeks, thank you so much Deb.

    Do you need any of your WW books back, just let me know.

    Take care,

  6. girlfriday said

    Congrats on reaffirming your goals, and setting yourself the weekly and two-monthly checks 🙂 Good for you!

  7. Penny said

    go you! this is somwthing i need to do especially once i finish breastfeeding.

  8. Rochelle said

    Hi, I just came across your blog via Scrapbook Essentials. Great news that you have decided to try WW again, I rejoined about 4 weeks back and have got to the stage where I need another wee kick 🙂 hehe My meeting is also on Tues morning, so will keep an eye on your progress. Congrats for making the decision, I found this the hard part. It’s great to have support from all aspects.
    Good luck Rochelle 🙂

  9. sandra said

    Go you on choosing to look after yourself more. Us ‘mummies’ aren’t always so good at that. All the best for WW.

  10. Christina said

    Hi Debbie, sorry to be an enabler but I posted the blueberry recipes on my blog!

    Good luck with all the changes. It’s so not easy to make big life and habit changes, but it’s great you have the support you do. And the journal will help a lot I’m sure. I’ll be cheering for you!

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