A few days since my last post

February 24, 2007

It has been a few days since my last post.  Nothing too interesting has been happening.  I had a meeting with a client for my new little business on Wednesday and that went well.  Starting her album this week and then starting once i receive the photos a Heritage Album for another client.

My friend Michelel from Wellington flew up last night to spend the weekend in Auckland with her Aunty who is in the country for 4 days.  David and I met up with her and her Aunty at their hotel this morning and after a walk around town we went and had Yum Cha (appologise if I have spelt this wrong) for brunch.  It was so yummy and will def be going again.  Here are some photos that we took.  The first one is taken down at the Viaduct while we waited for the restaurant to open

The following were taken at the Restaurant

Michelle it was awesome seeing you and catching up.  It was great meeting your Aunty as well.  Tommorow Richard is working again so David and i are just treating it as a week day.  I have heaps of scrapbooking to do, scrapbook jobs, pkg up some raks and swaps and also do some marketing research that I am helping someone out with.

Might get Richard to drop david and i off at the Gardens on his way to work in the morning and we can have a nice walk around the gardens and then home again.  Luckly it is all down hill on the way home.

Must be off and will blog more tomorrow.


7 Responses to “A few days since my last post”

  1. How cool that you had an opportunity to catch up with Michelle from Wellington. And discover a new food delight 🙂

  2. Michelle H-G said

    Hey Debs how did David like the food, did he try most things. I’v heard a friend talk about Yum Cha in Sydney and they love it too. My mouth is watering just looking at the photos – yummy.

  3. Hannah said

    It’s always nice to catch up with a friend. Sounds like you had a nice day.

    I love Yum Cha!!! Did David like it?

  4. Janine said

    Yum Cha is fab!! Sounds like a great day. Always good to catch up with friends.

  5. Sharon said

    Yum Cha is one of my faves!! Sounds like you guys had a great time 🙂

  6. Mel said

    Yum cha is totally our favourite family meal – blame my part Chinese/Malay brother-in-law who intriduced us to it years ago. Makes my mouth water thinking about it!

  7. Mel said

    I hate it when I spell incorrectly “intrOduced”

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