My love of Mini Books

February 13, 2007

I am absolutly loving Mini books at the moment.  I have already given 2 mini books in the past week as Birthday gifts.  One was a 4.5 x 4.5 mini accordian album that was pre made and put in little wedding photos for an aunt in Australia that was not well enough to come over to the wedding.  I then also made a bigger album for my dad for his birthday today with wedding photos in it.  I have lots of little pre made mini books in heaps of different forms that i just need to orgniase into an area in my scrap room that i can just go and pick one out when i need it.  As I may have mentioned before I am wanting to make as many if not all except for the youngest memebers of the familie’s presents this year.  I have an idea of presents that I can also make for the youngest but not too sure yet.

Lots of you mentioned about how busy I am going to be.  I really thrive on being busy but prefered an organised busy if that makes any sense.

I got the latest Up to Scrap today and just love being able to read through the magazine and see layouts from people who’s names I reconise. 

Once David is had lunch or having lunch i am going to get started on his Birthday cupcakes.  I have decided not to do one whole cake but a whole pile of Vanilla cupcakes.  To have here, to take to his friends, for Richard to take to work tomorrow and then we are off to Plunket tomorrow so will take a few up there as well.


8 Responses to “My love of Mini Books”

  1. Hannah said

    I haven’t seen the latest issue of Up2Scrap yet, but I want to buy it! Paper Plus didn’t have it in yesterday 😦

    Cupcakes … yum! I’m sure they’ll go down really well!

  2. Yum vanilla cupcakes. I am waiting for the bookshop to get up2 in aswell. Do we get to see pics of your mini books??

  3. Mrs Frizz said

    My Up2Scrap hasn’t arrived in my mail box yet ….. loving the sound of vanilla cupcakes and you are very organised with the mini albums. You have made them all yourself – instructions and a pic would be good …

  4. nzmommy said

    Cupcakes, what a wonderful idea! They have these fabulous cupcake ‘trees’/stands on TradeMe and i would like one but they are rather expensive. I love cupcakes 😉 I just spent the entire day making cookies for both Kamryn and Lauryn to take to kindy/daycare for Valentine’s Day. And yes it’s been ALL day lol. Cause of course I do nothing by halves and had to make cookies as big as the palm of your hand lol. And I had to make 75 lol!

  5. theateamnz said

    Yum to the cupcakes too.
    I can agree with the organised busy, I know exactly what you mean.
    Would love to see photos of the project as mentioned above too.

  6. Mel said

    Coucakes are so ‘in’. They’ll be cool.

    I love mini books, too.

  7. Mel said

    “Cupcakes” I meant !

  8. Michelle H-G said

    Great idea Debs, little cupcakes for David, I hope he received his little gift in the post from us in Napier. You must send me a photo of him eating his cupcake and opening his gifts.

    And like you I adore little mini albums, only wish I took the time out to finish them. I’m very good at starting them then loose interest and start thinking about something else to do. Take care,

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