Zoo Trip yesterday!

February 11, 2007

As we have decided to keep David’s first birthday quite low key as he won’t know any difference and have a big 2nd Birthday we decided to take David and our neigbour’s 2 kids to the Zoo yesterday.  They had a blast.  We got there just before opening at 9.30 and boy was it hot already.

Here is Richard and the 3 kids

Here is David with mummy

The new way that they display the animal’s at Auckland Zoo is awesome.  David’s favourite of the day was the Cheetah’s.  He was so excited and jumping up and down

Sorry that these are up the wrong way.  I will make sure i rotate them before i upload them next time.  I made sure I got the obligatory photo like i had of me when I was small of David sitting in the Dragon’s mouth.  I will leave that photo to a layout that I am planning which includes a photo of me when i was young as well.

Off for now but will come and blog some more this evening.  I am so loving being able to upload photos properly.


9 Responses to “Zoo Trip yesterday!”

  1. Sounds like a cool day at the zoo. Neat pics. I haven’t been to the zoo in yonks so haven’t seen that big elephant, he looks cool.

  2. theateamnz said

    Hey what an awesome first birthday. Love the pictures – even if they are sideways lol 🙂
    Haven’t seen the big elephant, that looks really great.
    Also your pictures of the beach and your lovely wedding cake are great.

  3. nzmommy said

    Awesome photos, Debbie. Man, I haven’t been to Auckland zoo since 2004!!! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long! I’m hoping to get the girlies there this summer. There is much I haven’t seen there, I know, so need to have a good look around. Hope David had a wonderful first birthday 😉

  4. Mel said

    We love the zoo,too. Don’t worry – when he’s older he won’t remember his 2nd party either. When they’re little it’s all about us celebrating them – we just need to do it. Celebrations are great.

  5. Hannah said

    Looks like a great day, Debbie! I also love Auckland Zoo and so do my kids!! The place is so well laid out and I love the new glass enclosures …. I got some awesome pics of the tiger through the glass and you can’t even tell there is any glass there … looks like you got the same with the cheetahs 😉

    Happy First Birthday David!!! 🙂

  6. Sharon said

    You’ve got to do the dragon photo!! Can’t believe how big he has got – happy birthday to David 🙂

  7. lyndyloo said

    Sounds like a great day Debbie and congrats on getting photos up I haven’t tried yet just taking baby steps at the mo.

  8. Michelle H-G said

    Cool pics Debs, I really liked the one of you and David. We often forget to be in the pictures, and I think they are the ones our children will really look back to – the ones with daddy and MUMMY.

  9. Penny said

    Yeah – photos of you and hubby too! 🙂

    I agree – the “new” zoo is very cool. The cheetahs are great and I do like their (and the tiger’s) enclosure. So much easier for the kiddos to see.

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