The Joy’s of Mossie Bites

February 28, 2007

Forgot to post that this morning we woke up to these huge mossie bits on david’s arms and legs.  At first I thought it was chickenpox etc but then realised it was only the exposed parts of his body as he had kicked his sheets off and was only wearing a nappy and singlet becuase of it being so hot.  This is just 2 of them, there are 4 on this arm, 2 on another arm, and a couple on his legs.

Have given him homapathic allergy spray and put soothe stuff on each of the bites


There that will get you all wondering…I am in the middle of participating in 2 circle journal’s at the moment and have received 2 in the last 2 days.  These are both awesome and can’t wait to get started on them.  I have 2 weeks to do one and 3 weeks to do the other.  I just love being inspired by so many different people and trying out new techniques and steping outside of my comfort zone.

Today we had to go up to the Super clinic in Manukau and just as we hoped in the car the car battery died..Yay, not great timing as it was 2.05pm and we had to be at our appointment at 2.30 so we had to call a cab. Just to get a strange noise that david has had in his breathing and crying since he was about 4 days old checked out…Thankfully it is nothing serious and as the GP originally said he is growing out of it.  It is just that his windpipe is slightly softer than it should be but they are very happy that he will grow up of it.  What he did say was “I suppose you already knew that he had a slight heart murmor”  Richard and I looked at each other with surprise and said No, no one has ever mentioned it.  He thinks it is nothing at all but wants to get an ECG done on him just to be 100%.  So now we are just waiting on an appointmnet.  He even commented that it should be interesting getting an ECG done on David as he is such a courious little wee man that he never likes to keep still….

We are now home waiting for AA to arrive with a new battery as the other one is totally dead and surprised it lasted this long as we got this one back in 2001.

Re Weight Watchers I stupidly looked at the wrong time and got there too late so going to go next week.  I have not let this put a back burner on it as I came home, weighed myself and am writing down everything that i eat.  Thank you for all your wonderful comments and support.

Hopefully AA arrive soon so that I can rush up and get my photos from Harvey Normans that i took in yesterday to get done but they were so busy they couldnt’ print them until today.  Once I have these I will get started on a couple of challenges and my client’s albums.  I only have until Monday next week to get one of them half done for her to come and have a look so it is going to be a scrapping weekend.

Looking after myself more!

February 24, 2007

I have made a concious decision to look after myself more.  What i mean by this is to totally get back into my weight loss.  I have had a really big think about this and have discussed with Richard and I find when I am really busy and have lots of things on which I am loving I need a more structured weight loss programe.  I am loving schedules for myself at the moment.  I found that going to see my Nutrionist really helped last year but it isn’t scructured enough for me at the moment so I have made the decision that I am going to start going back to Weight Watchers.  I need that support of lots of people along with weekly meetings where i can be held accounted for my past actions.  I have done Weight Watchers before and have done really well and love the support and everything about it.   I am going to my first meeting on tuesday.  What I will do is each Tuesday evening post my weight loss so that I can keep track of it on here and know that I have to put it on each week.

Another thing which i am going to do to look after myself more is my skin care regime which to be totally honest at the moment is non existint.  I have also decided to grow my hair long again.  It is nearing at the moment that horrible in between stage where it is to short to put up but too long to style properly and it is normally at this point that i would go out and get it cut but I have decided to grow it and go back to my natural brown colour but maybe with a few highlights once it has got a lot longer.

I am going to get Richard to take before photos this weekend and I have decided that every 2 months i will take more photos specifically to put into a journal which i am making to chart my loss. 

Well, must be off but to everyone have a great day and I will blog a bit more latter on today.

A few days since my last post

February 24, 2007

It has been a few days since my last post.  Nothing too interesting has been happening.  I had a meeting with a client for my new little business on Wednesday and that went well.  Starting her album this week and then starting once i receive the photos a Heritage Album for another client.

My friend Michelel from Wellington flew up last night to spend the weekend in Auckland with her Aunty who is in the country for 4 days.  David and I met up with her and her Aunty at their hotel this morning and after a walk around town we went and had Yum Cha (appologise if I have spelt this wrong) for brunch.  It was so yummy and will def be going again.  Here are some photos that we took.  The first one is taken down at the Viaduct while we waited for the restaurant to open

The following were taken at the Restaurant

Michelle it was awesome seeing you and catching up.  It was great meeting your Aunty as well.  Tommorow Richard is working again so David and i are just treating it as a week day.  I have heaps of scrapbooking to do, scrapbook jobs, pkg up some raks and swaps and also do some marketing research that I am helping someone out with.

Might get Richard to drop david and i off at the Gardens on his way to work in the morning and we can have a nice walk around the gardens and then home again.  Luckly it is all down hill on the way home.

Must be off and will blog more tomorrow.

Wow, I can’t believe it that my baby boy turned 1 today.  We have just got home from going out to our local Lone Star for dinner.  Wow, if you ever get the chance to go.  Def go, but make sure that you take a huge appetitie.  We also asked for them to bring out a scoop of ice cream with a candle in it but they asked us if they would like us to bring out what they normally do for birthdays.  And following is a picture of what they brought out.  Richard and I shared it and we gave David a little bit of ice cream and fruit.  First time ever having ice cream, and we thought oh well it is his birthday so let him have a treat.  These were taken with Richard’s phone as silly me i left our camera at home.


 I will post pics of his birthday pressies tomorrow but i just wanted to also say among all his wonderful pressies today he received a package from Michelle HG in Napier and her daughter and husband.  Michelle, David just loves his books.  I love how they piece together like a puzzle.  I will post a photo here tomorrow for you showing david and his new books.

Well must be off but I will do a nice long blog entry tomorrow.  Take care everyone.

My love of Mini Books

February 13, 2007

I am absolutly loving Mini books at the moment.  I have already given 2 mini books in the past week as Birthday gifts.  One was a 4.5 x 4.5 mini accordian album that was pre made and put in little wedding photos for an aunt in Australia that was not well enough to come over to the wedding.  I then also made a bigger album for my dad for his birthday today with wedding photos in it.  I have lots of little pre made mini books in heaps of different forms that i just need to orgniase into an area in my scrap room that i can just go and pick one out when i need it.  As I may have mentioned before I am wanting to make as many if not all except for the youngest memebers of the familie’s presents this year.  I have an idea of presents that I can also make for the youngest but not too sure yet.

Lots of you mentioned about how busy I am going to be.  I really thrive on being busy but prefered an organised busy if that makes any sense.

I got the latest Up to Scrap today and just love being able to read through the magazine and see layouts from people who’s names I reconise. 

Once David is had lunch or having lunch i am going to get started on his Birthday cupcakes.  I have decided not to do one whole cake but a whole pile of Vanilla cupcakes.  To have here, to take to his friends, for Richard to take to work tomorrow and then we are off to Plunket tomorrow so will take a few up there as well.

A Busy few weeks coming up.

February 11, 2007

Well, here we are on Monday morning again, I can’t believe how fast the last week went.  I have heaps on over the next few weeks which is just great.  As I am helping organise my friend’s wedding, I have stuff to work on and organise for that, along with working on mock invitations as they have let me know what sort of Invitations that they would like.  We are also going to do save the date cards as the wedding is in November we won’t be sending the invites out until August so we want to be super organised and let people know the date early.  Wednesday is David’s birthday and we are going out to Loan Star for dinner that night so before that i have to wrap his pressies and make his card.  Seeing as how is birthday is also Valentines Day I am just finishing off Richard’s present and card.  We are having coffee group here on Friday morning which will be great.  Fingers crossed for good weather.  There is more on this week but i can’t think of it at the moment besides Scrapping.  Next Wednesday I am hosting a dinner for a few of the girls that i used to work with at my old job.  3 out of 5 us now have kids.  By chance they all happen to have boys, so it is a girls and kids night.  Richard is going to be here so he is going to be an hounary girl for the night.  Then Saturday a friend from down in Wellington Michelle is going to be up here in Auckland so catching up with her and then another friend and her husband are going to pop in on the Monday after on their way back to Wellington.

Must be off and do some housework but will back on latter to share more photos and scrapping.  By the way thank you so much to everyone that has left lovely comments.

Zoo Trip yesterday!

February 11, 2007

As we have decided to keep David’s first birthday quite low key as he won’t know any difference and have a big 2nd Birthday we decided to take David and our neigbour’s 2 kids to the Zoo yesterday.  They had a blast.  We got there just before opening at 9.30 and boy was it hot already.

Here is Richard and the 3 kids

Here is David with mummy

The new way that they display the animal’s at Auckland Zoo is awesome.  David’s favourite of the day was the Cheetah’s.  He was so excited and jumping up and down

Sorry that these are up the wrong way.  I will make sure i rotate them before i upload them next time.  I made sure I got the obligatory photo like i had of me when I was small of David sitting in the Dragon’s mouth.  I will leave that photo to a layout that I am planning which includes a photo of me when i was young as well.

Off for now but will come and blog some more this evening.  I am so loving being able to upload photos properly.

I have now been able to get Flickr to work so I appologise in advance if you are bombarded over the next few days with photos.  I will actually do a few posts today.

Firstly here are some photos from our last trip to the beach.

The following is a photo of how our wedding cake