Housework, Wedding Photos and scrapping.

January 29, 2007

This morning I have been up at Harvey Normans getting 200 photos printed out.  At least 100 of these are for a Wedding  album for my Mum and Dad. Unfornatly Mum’s camera has broken and they have now no photos at all of the wedding.  My parents aren’t electronical minded so don’t have a digital camera.  My parents are in their mid 70’s and find using the DVD player that we gave them hard to use.  I am using the other photos for numerous mini books that I am making as gifts and also for our Wedding album which I am doing starting from our Engagement.  Darling Jo is making us one as a Wedding Present which will be a Wedding Scrapbook but just based around the day.  I also wanted to make one which will be different in style to Jo’s and will be from our Engagement and with journalling from both Richard and I and anyone else that wants to contribute.

I was proud of myself while up at the shops I went and had a look quickly at Spotlight and walked out without buying anything even though they had Bazzil Cardstock for .79c each but trying to be good i didn’t get anything.  Well, especially after getting 200 photos printed, I couldn’t really justify it.

Over the next 2 days one of my goals is to get all of our Thank you letters written and mailed out.  Add to that cleaning all the windows inside and out and the horrible task of cleaning the oven and wedding the vege garden which half of is getting very, very over grown I am going to have another busy week.  I am not going to bust a gut to get it done, I am just going to take it easy and it will get done when it is done.

Another thing that I am doing is going through all of my scrap product and supplies.  I have been totally inspired by janine and all the lovely ladies over at SE.  I have heaps of wonderful product that I no longer want, use or is what I am using at the moment and need heaps more space so I am going to make up 3 RAK packages.  All you need to do over the next 10 days is to leave a comment and I will draw out 3 names on Friday 09th February.

Take care and have a wonderful Monday.

5 Responses to “Housework, Wedding Photos and scrapping.”

  1. Ruth said

    Wow you will be busy scrapping won’t you? Hope you get SOME of your to do things done

  2. girlfriday said

    Wow that’s a lot of photos. Good that you’ve got projects for them already planned 🙂

  3. Janine said

    just remember Debs small steps! 🙂 The small steps will get you to the same destinatation.

  4. theateamnz said

    Heaps of photos. Boy, you have a good list this week. As mentioned below – baby steps! 🙂

  5. Penny said

    My garden is in the same state. You leave it for a week or too and it gets away on you!

    Good luck dealing with those photos!

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