Resuming Normal Coverage!

January 28, 2007

Yes People we are back!  I am sorry for the lack of posts but since we have been back from Rotorua it has been totally manic and I haven’t been 100% so I decided to step back from my blogging for awhile and am starting to feel better. 

I would add more photos and will once I have stopped having my major problems with flicker.  Seriously looking at other options to use to upload photos.  Any suggestions please let me know.

I can’t believe it David turn’s 1 year old in just over 2 weeks.  Richard and I have decided to have a very quiet 1st birthday as to David it will just be another day.  So we are going to have a big 2nd birthday.  We will still celebrate it on the day but have decided this coming Saturday to take David and our neigbour’s 2 kids to the zoo.  It will be David’s first visit to the zoo so should be lots of fun.

Today we took David to Misson Bay as when we go to the Cook islands in May we want David as used to the beach and the water as possible…We got there about 9.30 and there weren’t many people there and he just loved it…he had his little water sun suit on got sand everywhere as they do as kids…he also loves the taste of sand, i hate to think how much he ate.  Richard took him along to shower him off and from what Richard said he just screamed becuase the shower water was soo cold…We had him sitting before hand on the waters edge with waves lapping at him and he loved it…David couldn’t keep his eye off a little 14 month old girl that we had got talking to her mum…Have some awesome photos and if i can somehow get them uploaded i will show you them…

Off to have a look around the Foodtown at the bottom of town and got our weeks groceries there and came home.

I am also playing Wedding planner for one of my bridesmaids who gets married in November.  Yesterday we went and looked at some venues and also tried on wedding dresses – on her not me.  lol

Scrapping wise I have found a wonderful love of making mini accoridan books.  Well, maybe not just mini but have made a 5×7 one as well with basic grey pp with wedding photos on it for my dad’s 71st birthday which is in a couple of weeks.  I am using black card stock and then mounting pp on top of that and it looks awesome.

Well, must be off, have just used left over bananas and made them into chocolate banana cupcakes just using a banana cake recipie and using slightly less flour and adding in cocoa and then at the end lightly mixing in some chocolate chips.  These are going over to our neigbour and his 2 kids next door.  Since his wife passed away in October when ever i am making spicy thai, mexican, etc i make extra for him as he loves hot food and always make extra baking to take over to them.

Take care and where ever you are don’t melt with this hot weather.

6 Responses to “Resuming Normal Coverage!”

  1. Hannah said

    Well it sounds like you have been keeping busy and enjoying the summer! Glad to hear David loved his beach visit, don’t worry lots of kids eat sand but don’t be surprised when you find it in his nappy the next day!! 😉

  2. girlfriday said

    you sound busy! and isn’t the humidity draining!!
    almost looking forward to autumn … 😆

  3. Michelle H-G said

    Awesome to have you back Debs, we missed you. David must have been a sight with Richard having the shower, lucky you were well out of it. By the time you get to May David will be a true waterbaby.

    Yum muffins, not too many though you know we’re being good Debs lol. Good luck with Nikki today. Take care,

  4. theateamnz said

    Sounds like you are all well and keeping busy.
    What a good neighbour you are. That is very kind.

  5. Mel said

    OMG you’re going to the Cook Isalands! Jealous, jealous, jealous! That is so our favourite place on earth. Have you been before? We love Raro!

  6. Penny said

    Busy! Happy birthday to David… 1 year is such a cool age. 🙂
    Not sure about the Flickr thing – you could have a look at Snapfish I guess. They have an NZ site now too.

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