A day of Firsts for David

January 2, 2007

It has been a day of firsts for David.  We didn’t get to the beach yesterday but got up early before it got too hot and took David out to Maraitai this morning.  It was his first time at the beach and first time on sand and the first time that he had paddled in the sea.  He was okay at first but the water was really cold which made him cry and the waves crashing on the beach scared him a bit but in the end he loved sitting on the beach on his towel chomping away on a rusk.  We dressed him in a little sun proof swimming shorts and elbow length sun proof top that is all up like a little wet suit…make any sense?  He really looks like a surfer dude in his little outfit, his curly blond hair.  I can just imagine how blond and brown he is going to look in May when we all get back from Rarotonga.

We were going to treat ourselves to breakfast at a wonderful cafe out there but unfortunatly it was closed until the 12th Jan.  We headed towards Botany Downs and treated ourselves to McDonalds which I haven’t been having with trying to loose weight and then we headed off to Spotlight at Manukau to get a few last minute things for the tables.

Something else that I am trying to do every day this year is to keep a written journal.  Even if it is just a few lines that is fine.  So far I have one entry and will do another one for today tonight.

2 Responses to “A day of Firsts for David”

  1. Hannah said

    Awww, the first trip to the beach is always special! Sounds like he enjoyed himself. My youngest is a bit scared of the waves right now (he was fine with them last summer though!) and yes the water is very cold!! Not warm enough for me to swim, that’s for sure!!

  2. Michelle H-G said

    Rarotonga, how exciting Debs, can’t wait to see your photos. Isn’t it gorgeous to watch your child in sand for the first time, did David try and eat any?

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