Okay as I mentioned yesterday I have been inspired by Elise Flannigan’s 52 Scrapbooking challenges and have decided to do one of these a week to get me to explore out of my comfort zone.  Below is the first challenge that I will do this week and anyone is welcome to join me.  If you do decide to join me if you can send me a link to your layout and i will draw a name at the end of each week so every Wednesday and RAK them.

Start with a Number – Need a fun way to start a page?  It’s easy – start with a number.  Make a top-10 list or, look for number-themed accents to build your page around.  Numbers are everywhere!  Build a page around a telephone number, a shoe size, an age, a year, a “good luck” number or more. 

What else has been happneing?  I have been working on a little Business Venture that I am going to take babysteps with but have just completed my first quote.  What you may ask is this little business venture.  I am going to start a business from home now that David is older doing scrapbooks, pages, mini albums, invites for party favours for others.  I am going to take this slowly and don’t expect it to be huge but it will be something that i can love doing and can make a little bit of money doing it.

Tommorow I am off with Richard and David down to Hamilton to the funeral of a dear friend’s mother who passed away on Sunday after a long illness.   I really feel for her as in the past 2 years she will have lost both of her elderly parents.

Well must be off and start looking at getting dinner ready.  Wow, i must say though i am impressed with myself 4 days in a row blogging.  But i have decided i am not going to beat myself up if i don’t blog everday.


Baby Steps

January 29, 2007

I have had great advise from Janine and Annie to just take baby steps with all my jobs that I have to do.  I am very pleased to say that I am taking babysteps as we speek.  Yesterday i did 3 double windows inside and my goal for today is to do the ranch slider and possibly david’s 2 windows…I know it doesn’t sound like much out of the list but hey as the girls said baby steps…

Another thing that i want to work on today while David is napping is on my friend’s wedding…I am also doing her invites etc so am going to work on samples for that and more planning for the ceremony and reception.

I have signed up for some Freestyle Project and Layout classes – I am sooo looking forward to steping out of my comfort zone and to do things that i don’t do…latley to me my pages have seemed borning so I am trying all sorts of different ideas.  I have Elise Flannigan’s 52 Scrapbooking Challenges book so I am going to start from the begining and set my self my own little challenge each week.  I will put the challenge up here on my forum and if anyone is interested in joinng me that would be great.

Okay just a short post so far today but hey 3 days in a row blogging for for me is pretty good.  Take care and enjoy your Tuesday.

This morning I have been up at Harvey Normans getting 200 photos printed out.  At least 100 of these are for a Wedding  album for my Mum and Dad. Unfornatly Mum’s camera has broken and they have now no photos at all of the wedding.  My parents aren’t electronical minded so don’t have a digital camera.  My parents are in their mid 70’s and find using the DVD player that we gave them hard to use.  I am using the other photos for numerous mini books that I am making as gifts and also for our Wedding album which I am doing starting from our Engagement.  Darling Jo is making us one as a Wedding Present which will be a Wedding Scrapbook but just based around the day.  I also wanted to make one which will be different in style to Jo’s and will be from our Engagement and with journalling from both Richard and I and anyone else that wants to contribute.

I was proud of myself while up at the shops I went and had a look quickly at Spotlight and walked out without buying anything even though they had Bazzil Cardstock for .79c each but trying to be good i didn’t get anything.  Well, especially after getting 200 photos printed, I couldn’t really justify it.

Over the next 2 days one of my goals is to get all of our Thank you letters written and mailed out.  Add to that cleaning all the windows inside and out and the horrible task of cleaning the oven and wedding the vege garden which half of is getting very, very over grown I am going to have another busy week.  I am not going to bust a gut to get it done, I am just going to take it easy and it will get done when it is done.

Another thing that I am doing is going through all of my scrap product and supplies.  I have been totally inspired by janine and all the lovely ladies over at SE.  I have heaps of wonderful product that I no longer want, use or is what I am using at the moment and need heaps more space so I am going to make up 3 RAK packages.  All you need to do over the next 10 days is to leave a comment and I will draw out 3 names on Friday 09th February.

Take care and have a wonderful Monday.

Resuming Normal Coverage!

January 28, 2007

Yes People we are back!  I am sorry for the lack of posts but since we have been back from Rotorua it has been totally manic and I haven’t been 100% so I decided to step back from my blogging for awhile and am starting to feel better. 

I would add more photos and will once I have stopped having my major problems with flicker.  Seriously looking at other options to use to upload photos.  Any suggestions please let me know.

I can’t believe it David turn’s 1 year old in just over 2 weeks.  Richard and I have decided to have a very quiet 1st birthday as to David it will just be another day.  So we are going to have a big 2nd birthday.  We will still celebrate it on the day but have decided this coming Saturday to take David and our neigbour’s 2 kids to the zoo.  It will be David’s first visit to the zoo so should be lots of fun.

Today we took David to Misson Bay as when we go to the Cook islands in May we want David as used to the beach and the water as possible…We got there about 9.30 and there weren’t many people there and he just loved it…he had his little water sun suit on got sand everywhere as they do as kids…he also loves the taste of sand, i hate to think how much he ate.  Richard took him along to shower him off and from what Richard said he just screamed becuase the shower water was soo cold…We had him sitting before hand on the waters edge with waves lapping at him and he loved it…David couldn’t keep his eye off a little 14 month old girl that we had got talking to her mum…Have some awesome photos and if i can somehow get them uploaded i will show you them…

Off to have a look around the Foodtown at the bottom of town and got our weeks groceries there and came home.

I am also playing Wedding planner for one of my bridesmaids who gets married in November.  Yesterday we went and looked at some venues and also tried on wedding dresses – on her not me.  lol

Scrapping wise I have found a wonderful love of making mini accoridan books.  Well, maybe not just mini but have made a 5×7 one as well with basic grey pp with wedding photos on it for my dad’s 71st birthday which is in a couple of weeks.  I am using black card stock and then mounting pp on top of that and it looks awesome.

Well, must be off, have just used left over bananas and made them into chocolate banana cupcakes just using a banana cake recipie and using slightly less flour and adding in cocoa and then at the end lightly mixing in some chocolate chips.  These are going over to our neigbour and his 2 kids next door.  Since his wife passed away in October when ever i am making spicy thai, mexican, etc i make extra for him as he loves hot food and always make extra baking to take over to them.

Take care and where ever you are don’t melt with this hot weather.

I hope that this helps as I really want to share photos with you all…This is a test run and I also have a couple of long blog entries to type up tonight.  We have just got back from 3 days in Rotorua.


Yay it worked, here are a few more…Rich___Debs_with_Rich_s_Folks.JPG  Bridesmaids.JPG

Sorry that they are small but you get the gist and best i can do at the moment.

Wow what a day!

January 8, 2007

Saturday 06th January, 2007 will always be such a special day in my life….On this day I became the wife to my best friend, soulmate and the most amazing caring man in this world….

I want to leave you with some of my favourite pics that i have seen of the day so far…We have along with our photographer’s photos photos coming to us on CD from about 6 other people.  Our groomsman told us this morning that between him and his son they took 360 photos and are sending all of these to us…I have only seen about 40 photos so far but think that with our wonderful photographers we will have close to 2000 photos.  I will show you pics today and write a long entry tomorrow….I am just sooo exhausted at the moment…Click to view full size image

Click to view full size image

One Day to go!

January 4, 2007

Thank you soooo much to everyone that has left wonderful comments.  Our Wedding is tomorrow and I will be out at Castaways from this afternoon so this will be my last post until Sunday.  Thank you all so much for all the support over the past months and I can’t wait to share with you the photos and stories of tomorrow.

My mum and dad arrived up from katikati yesterday and are staying at a wonderful little B&B on a farm about 4 mins from here.  They decided to stay there as this place is like a railway station at the moment and they are in their 70’s and like peice and quiet alot.  Not that they are going to get that tomorrow.

Richard and my folks are off to pick up our cake this morning.  We are then meeting everyone in the Bridal party including my folks for lunch then off out to Castaways.

I have been awake on and off all night and been wide awake since 4.20 this morning…Managed to stay in bed until 5.20am but then i couldn’t stop thinking of stuff i want to do and i want to relax as much as i can today.

Best be off and do a few more things…

Next time i am on i will be Mrs Blincoe!

A day of Firsts for David

January 2, 2007

It has been a day of firsts for David.  We didn’t get to the beach yesterday but got up early before it got too hot and took David out to Maraitai this morning.  It was his first time at the beach and first time on sand and the first time that he had paddled in the sea.  He was okay at first but the water was really cold which made him cry and the waves crashing on the beach scared him a bit but in the end he loved sitting on the beach on his towel chomping away on a rusk.  We dressed him in a little sun proof swimming shorts and elbow length sun proof top that is all up like a little wet suit…make any sense?  He really looks like a surfer dude in his little outfit, his curly blond hair.  I can just imagine how blond and brown he is going to look in May when we all get back from Rarotonga.

We were going to treat ourselves to breakfast at a wonderful cafe out there but unfortunatly it was closed until the 12th Jan.  We headed towards Botany Downs and treated ourselves to McDonalds which I haven’t been having with trying to loose weight and then we headed off to Spotlight at Manukau to get a few last minute things for the tables.

Something else that I am trying to do every day this year is to keep a written journal.  Even if it is just a few lines that is fine.  So far I have one entry and will do another one for today tonight.