6 Days to go….

December 30, 2006

and what a great day we have had today…Evelyn one of my bridesmaids picked David and I up this morning and we fought the horrible weather that Auckland had this morning and drove down to hamilton where we met up with Jo and Judith my other 2 bridesmaids and we all tried on our outfits including nerissa our flower girl and jonathan our page boy…We all looked awesome…We then went out to Iguana’s in Hamilton for a girls lunch….it was yummy…If you are ever in Hamilton near Victoria st and in need of good food have a go at Iguana’s….Yummy…

Then we headed back and dropped Judith off picked David up and headed back to the otherside of town to drop Jo off at her brother in laws and then we headed back to auckland….what a hot day it turned into and my left arm is red but looking like it is turning brown….

As David loves water if it is a nice day tomorrow we are going to head out as a family to have a relaxing few hours at the beach….Can’t wait….

Check back in tomorrow for another update…I will try and up load some pics of our bridemaid dress and flower girl dress.


5 Responses to “6 Days to go….”

  1. Penny said

    ooo – will be looking for piccies!

  2. Hannah said

    Wow, only 6 days to go! Exciting!! I’m looking forward to seeing the pics of the dresses if you get them up 🙂

  3. Janine said

    busy day but fun by the sounds of it!! 🙂

  4. girlfriday said

    Love to hear how it’s all going. Going to be a great day for you!!

  5. Michelle H-G said

    Looking forward to seeing the photos, a day at the beach sounds wonderful and a great way to start the new year off.
    Michelle H-G

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