Appologies and Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

December 15, 2006

So sorry that I haven’t been on for ages, I actually can’t believe that it has actually been that long…We are just sooo busy with last minute Christmas and Wedding plans that I haven’t had much time for anything else…It’s just all the last little minute things for the Wedding…I think that it is all sorted and then plans get changed etc…

Only 21 days until our Wedding…Wow that has gone fast…I will update you all more tomorrow about the wedding…I just wanted to quickly hop on and let you all know that we are okay besides David having a little cold and cough and that I haven’t forgotten about you…

I am off now to do some house work and then take David up to the Docs just to make sure that it is just a cold…i will be back on tomorrow and will update you all..

I have really missed blogging…


7 Responses to “Appologies and Merry Christmas Everyone!!!”

  1. Michelle H-G said

    Great to see you’re back Debs, those butterflys must be getting really excited now. Chirstmas will come and go so fast and then your big day. Hope David is ok. Jasmine has an ear infection and can’t seem to hear very well at the moment.
    Take care,
    Michelle H-G

  2. girlfriday said

    wow the countdown to Christmas and to the wedding is progressing well … take care! and have a Great Time over the hols.

  3. Hannah said

    Welcome back Debbie! I understand how busy this time of year is, and blogging sometimes just has to take a back seat!!! And of course you are also planning a wedding, so I think you’re doing very well to find any time for blogging at all!! Not long to go now, it must be getting very exciting.

    PS. Thanks for organising the Secret Santa on SE, it was a lot of fun!!

  4. Sharon said

    Make sure you have a nice relaxing time before the big day. Merry Christmas 🙂

  5. Penny said

    All the best for the wedding and Christmas!

  6. Janine said

    Stop apologising, you blog when you can if it feels like a chore then don’t do it……so stop apologising your a busy mum who is organising christmas and a wedding…..enjoy the xmas break and I look forward to reading about your plans and the big day.

  7. Donna s said

    I argree with janine. Relax bolg when you can most of us have your email address. We are all excited about your wedding and are thinking about you heaps. big hugs my friend

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