Christmas Card Photo Shoot

November 25, 2006

This morning we have done a little Christmas Card/Christmas Hat Photo Shoot…Richard and I just love this photo

Sorry I forgot to flip it…Now that I know how to upload photos onto here thanks to Janine, I promise there will be more photos….

I will pop back latter to post more..


8 Responses to “Christmas Card Photo Shoot”

  1. Sharon said

    He has grown!! What a cute shot 🙂

  2. girlfriday said

    very cute. love the sheet backdrop 😉
    will we see the finished card(s) here as well?

  3. Hannah said

    Awwww, that is so cute!!! Adorable!!

  4. angelgurl said

    cool shot Debs and Richard….very cute….you should send that into Treasures…

  5. Penny said

    Very cute!
    BTW – the banana template is cool. 🙂

  6. Michelle said

    He’s just a cutie pie!! It sure is hard being cute!! 😀

  7. Lynda said

    Gorgeous pic, no wonder you are using it for Christmas cards 🙂

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