Yay for Black Cardstock!

November 23, 2006

When I received a CJ that i am doing that i am particpating in at the moment with the other Glam Gals I was really challanged when I received Lynda’s CJ as the card stock I was to work on was Black.  To others this might not seem to be a deal but to me I had never ever worked on a Black Scrapbook page and wondered what everyone raved about…Well now I know.  I loved working on those pages for your CJ Lynda…I am hooked now…I have also just completed a layout for the Kiwi Scraps Monthly challenge where you have to scrap a black and white photo, white journalling and a black embalishment.  Well I have done it and i just love it…It is currently with Richard at work being scaned as the photos i take of my layouts never seem to work that well…I will upload tonight for you to have a look…I have used Black Bazzil, Maya Rd Sheer Alphabet, Basic Grey Paterned Paper, 7 Gypsies Stamp….Thanks again Lynda for challenging me and showing me that i can step out of my comfort zone.

Yesterday was a productive day and managed to get the Order of Day and Menus all sorted for the Wedding and just waiting to hear back from David at KS re printing etc…

This afternoon is an afternoon that I am really not looking forward to.  I am off to the Denitst to get 2 Root Canals…yucky…but hey i have to get them done…so i am trying to build a bridge and get over it…I am a real chicken when it comes to the dentist and have had really, really bad experiences in the past so it is great my new dentist knew that from the start so hopefully it won’t be tooo bad…

This weekend, I am getting my hair cut and coloured and then i have to finish off my ATC Swap Cards, CJ, Secret Santa, Christmas Card Swap and get on top of the cards that i need to send overseas…

Well must be off and get some more things before I head out this arvo.  I am trying to work out this photo thing so hopefully there will be more photos on this blog…


6 Responses to “Yay for Black Cardstock!”

  1. girlfriday said

    Great to have a challenge to take you out of your comfort zone. Go you on discovering Black Cardstock 🙂
    All the best for this afternoon’s dentist appointment.

  2. Hannah said

    Black cardstock is pretty fun to work on!! Makes colours really stand out.

    OUCH about the dentist – I hope it goes well and not too painful for you!

  3. Michelle said

    I am sooooo liking this new look of your blog! 🙂 Can’t wait to see pics of your layout!!!

  4. Janine said

    oh you updated your blog template……it’s very yellow lol. I wondered if I was in the right place to start off with. I love using black cardstock!! So I am pleased you enjoyed it. Ewwww at root canals…have fun with that……enjoy your weekend!!

  5. sandra said

    Hey, loving your new blog template Debs…even if it makes me hungry lol. I’m enjoying black cardstock too atm.

  6. Lynda said

    Woohoo, pleased to get you out of your comfort zone girl. Black isn’t a colour I use a lot of either, but I figured our colours just had to be the same as our aprons 🙂

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