Wellington Part 3

November 22, 2006

After a semi nice weather day on Sunday Monday turned out better….A bit cloudy but nice and we could get out and go for a walk while Richard was at work…After a walk and David’s nap in the morning we headed over to the Railway Station and caught a cab out to Kiwi Scraps.  Found some awesome product to make my Bridesmaid pressies with.  I am loving doing OTP projects….I also managed to get my hands on one of the mini block and tray sets that Wendy has made up…They look great and are such a great idea.  I can tell youthis as Richard doesn’t read my blog but this block and tray set solves the present that David can give to his Daddy for Christmas.  Be great for on Richard’s desk at work.

Monday night we headed up to Arizona by the Intercon and had a lovely walk back by the water afterwards….It had turned into a lovely evening.  A hint if you go here to eat and get a burger, don’t eat anything for lunch or the meal before hand as they are huge and i only managed half of one.

Tuesday morning dawned and wow, what a beautiful day.  Headed downstairs just before 6.30 and opened up the blinds and started packing and i was sweating within a few minutes as it was already hot.  So opened up the windows and got heaps done.  I find if the weather is really nice i get heaps of work done…I walked up to Whitcouls and Richard took David and everthing in the car up to the office and I met them there.

After a quick trip up to Lower Hutt to drop the Cot and High Chair off to Jo and of course to have a play with her Circut which is awesome…It was back to the office to catch up with Banner who Richard and some of the others nicknamed the Mad Irishman…Banner laughs at that…then off to the Airport and had lunch and then it was off home….

While in Wellington we did have a Dress Fitting and that went really well.  Thank you Jo sooo much for the awesome effort that you are going to for my Wedding Dress.  It looks awesome.

Well, there you go there is Wellington, Nothing too exciting but it was a good trip away.  Take care everyone…


3 Responses to “Wellington Part 3”

  1. Janine said

    That was a busy and socialable week you had there Debs. Glad to see you enjoyed the shops and eating places of Welly. I have a friend who lives in those apartments, quite nice to hang out there too.

  2. Sharon said

    Sounds like you are having a cool time down there 🙂

  3. Penny said

    it sounds like a very pleasant holiday!
    I love the look of those blocks too. Think they’d make a great pressie 🙂

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