Wellington Part 2

November 22, 2006

Well Saturday morning dawned raining again but I headed out to do a few things just after 9.00am and left Richard and David having fun together at the Apartment.  I forgot that it was Saturday and not many things would be open and mostly opened at either 9.30 or 10.00am.  Michelle was due to arrive at Midday…I ended up going to the Christmas Shop at Kircaldie and Stains (sorry for the spelling) and got David a Christmas Stocking and Christmas Decoration…

Michelle came over and after a good chat we all headed out with Richard being our driver (thank you sweetie) to Scrapbook Central in Petone where i found heaps of stuff that I hadn’t seen at Kiwi Scraps and lines that they don’t do.  Brought a few things and then decided to head to Queensgate to get lunch.  Well, we made it into the car park and it was soooo busy and ended up getting stuck in one postion for about 10 minutes and could see we weren’t going to get a park so went off in search of Lunch.  After lunch we went to Evans to get some Ribbons and then headed back into the City.  Michelle it was awesome catching up with you and it is great to go Scrapbook Shopping with someone different.  Michelle it was awesome to catch up with you…

Sunday we didn’t have anything planned.  Sent Donna S a text to see if she wanted to catch up the next day as I also had ribbons for her and Gina.  That morning Richard watched the Rugby with David rolling around and comando crawling everywhere exploring our Apartment….he even got great mileage on the polished wooden floors.  His favourite thing at the moment are cords of anytype so had fun trying to find as many as he could and trying to play with them before Mummy and Daddy caught onto what he was doing.  Ended up going out to Upper Hutt to see Donna.  Donna it was great to see you again and meet your husband and wonderful kids….David loved playing with Nathan.  After a wonderful few hours there we dropped Ribbons off to Jo who was away for the weekend and headed back into the City.

Decided to try One Red Dog at Queens Wharf for dinner and were not impresed at all with the service and food…Have since heard that the one in Courtney Place i think it is is better…

Also that afternoon we learned that we would have to stay another Day as the guy that Richard was coveirng for had hurt his back again.  So we would have to wait until another engineer from Australia could come over and relieve.


One Response to “Wellington Part 2”

  1. Michelle said

    Great seeing you too Debs!! Hope to see you again soon! (And to go shopping!)

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