Wellington Part 1

November 22, 2006

I was unable to access WordPress whilst in Wellington as the computer i was using wouldn’t allow WordPress cookies…So i am going to do the last few days posts in parts.

Wellington was great.  We ended up staying in an apartment that we found on www.holidayhouses.co.nz and for those that are in Wellington or know Wellington was based in the old Wool Store oppostie the Railway Station and Backpackers…it was great…beautiful view and had a mezanine floor which had a bedroom and office so we were able to set David up in his Porta cot (thank you Jo for the loan of this) in his own room which meant he also got a proper nap each day.  Spent the afternoon driving to Lower Hutt to pick up the cot and highchair from Jo, catching up with her and picking up some groceries…then back to a home cooked dinner…after being away quite a bit this year we get a bit sick of Restaurant meals though we decided we would go out for a couple the last few nights before we headed home…

Friday David and i caught a lift with Richard to his work and went on the look for some Scrapbook mags and yay got my hands on the latest Up to Scrap…then a bit of shopping and then off back down Lambton Quay to Waterloo Quay of which David slept for about 40 mins which was great…After David had a nap in his cot Nikki and Ben came over for awhile in the afternoon…it was great catching up with Nikki.  I can’t believe how fast ben is growing.  I think Nikki said he is about 15 or 16 months now…David loved having another kid there especially a boy.  A few texts and phone calls back and forth and Michelle and I were organising catching up on Saturday….

Ever since we arrived on the Wednesday the weather wasn’t that nice at all…Especially at night being right water front and in an old building you could really hear all the rain and wind…At one stage we thought the windows upstairs might blow in but luckly they didn’t….


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