54 Days until Wedding

November 12, 2006

Just couldn’t resist sitting down and counting how many days until the wedding.  So after today there are only 54 days until the wedding.  We have got lots done but still about 2 A4 Pages of things we need to finalise and sort out.

We have got the following done in the last week or so

– Applied for Mariage Licence

– Found a new florist and ordered flowers

– Found Shirts for guys to wear

– Working on Vows

– Found music for Wedding Ceremony

Heaps more to do but getting there.  I am going to divide the list up in to groups of things to do and put a list up for each week and mark things off as i go.  I seem to work alot better with lists.  I am also going to have a huge daily list of things that i need to complete…After the past 3 weeks that i have had i need some structure back.  Luckly Jo will be up in Hamilton from Christmas until the wedding so Evelyn one of my other bridesmaids are going to make trips down to Hamilton for Wedding things and for everyone to meet again aka Jo and Richard’s sister and in Evelyn’s case to meet everyone.

This weekend Richard and I decided had to be a family one so yesterday we all went out to Botany and did some shopping and gernerally just enjoying each other’s company and them came home to a lazy afternoon (with me trying not to look at all the housework i have to do) and then today we were going to take David out to Maratai to the beach and get some breakfast but ended up having Breakfast in Clevedon and going to the Craft Market there and then the A&P Show and David got to see Sheep and Cows face first instead of way in the distance or on tv or in a book.  He also one a prize by with our help sticking balls into the swinging clowns mouths.  Then off to do the supermarket shopping and currently having a relaxing afternoon…

Take care everyone and one of my goals this week and i know i keep saying it is to blog everyday even if it is just a paragraph.  I am pretty sure i can handle that…


3 Responses to “54 Days until Wedding”

  1. girlfriday said

    Congrats. 54 days sounds like a distance worthy of countdown!!

  2. Lynda said

    Gosh that is moving along very quickly! Nice cruisy family weekends are just the best aren’t they. Hope you got lots of pics at the show.

  3. Penny said

    it’ll gp fast 🙂 I like lists too – keeps on track.

    hope the plans go smoothly now 🙂

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