I am achieving something!

November 27, 2006

I finally feel like I am achieving something.  Yesterday we got 50 copies of our wonderful photo of David printed at Harvey Normans and today i have been putting the cards together…I am only making about 30 cards but the rest of the photos will be sent with store brought cards…That is the plan at the moment but if they keep going like they are at the moment i might just keep going…I have made 16 cards today and am also finishing off the Christmas Cards for the Swap that I am involved in.

Another thing that I have achieved is last week I decided that David and I would go for a walk each morning….I also decided that on the days that Cheryl isn’t looking after David that I would go out for 2 walks.  Well last thursday and Friday i went out for 1 walk a day and today I am very happy to report that David and I have been for 2 walks already…

I have also decided to try out different recipies for meals this week.  Last night i made mini pork meatballs and had them with Spagetti and Spicy plum sauce and tonight i am doing a smoked fish pie and salad but instead of potato on top of the pie i am putting kumera…i made a really yummy kumera mash last week and loved it…

I have got sooo much to do this week and so little time that I am going to do something that Ruth has done over the weekend and has stayed away from the Internet and has gotten heaps done.  So that is what I am going to do.  I will be on and off until Bed time tonight and then won’t be on again until Wednesday morning.  So if you do email me please do not think that i am ignoring you…

I am going to leave you with a photo of the lovely view from on the cliff tops where we will be getting married.


Christmas Card Photo Shoot

November 25, 2006

This morning we have done a little Christmas Card/Christmas Hat Photo Shoot…Richard and I just love this photo

Sorry I forgot to flip it…Now that I know how to upload photos onto here thanks to Janine, I promise there will be more photos….

I will pop back latter to post more..

KS – September Challenge

November 25, 2006


Yay for Black Cardstock!

November 23, 2006

When I received a CJ that i am doing that i am particpating in at the moment with the other Glam Gals I was really challanged when I received Lynda’s CJ as the card stock I was to work on was Black.  To others this might not seem to be a deal but to me I had never ever worked on a Black Scrapbook page and wondered what everyone raved about…Well now I know.  I loved working on those pages for your CJ Lynda…I am hooked now…I have also just completed a layout for the Kiwi Scraps Monthly challenge where you have to scrap a black and white photo, white journalling and a black embalishment.  Well I have done it and i just love it…It is currently with Richard at work being scaned as the photos i take of my layouts never seem to work that well…I will upload tonight for you to have a look…I have used Black Bazzil, Maya Rd Sheer Alphabet, Basic Grey Paterned Paper, 7 Gypsies Stamp….Thanks again Lynda for challenging me and showing me that i can step out of my comfort zone.

Yesterday was a productive day and managed to get the Order of Day and Menus all sorted for the Wedding and just waiting to hear back from David at KS re printing etc…

This afternoon is an afternoon that I am really not looking forward to.  I am off to the Denitst to get 2 Root Canals…yucky…but hey i have to get them done…so i am trying to build a bridge and get over it…I am a real chicken when it comes to the dentist and have had really, really bad experiences in the past so it is great my new dentist knew that from the start so hopefully it won’t be tooo bad…

This weekend, I am getting my hair cut and coloured and then i have to finish off my ATC Swap Cards, CJ, Secret Santa, Christmas Card Swap and get on top of the cards that i need to send overseas…

Well must be off and get some more things before I head out this arvo.  I am trying to work out this photo thing so hopefully there will be more photos on this blog…

Wellington Part 3

November 22, 2006

After a semi nice weather day on Sunday Monday turned out better….A bit cloudy but nice and we could get out and go for a walk while Richard was at work…After a walk and David’s nap in the morning we headed over to the Railway Station and caught a cab out to Kiwi Scraps.  Found some awesome product to make my Bridesmaid pressies with.  I am loving doing OTP projects….I also managed to get my hands on one of the mini block and tray sets that Wendy has made up…They look great and are such a great idea.  I can tell youthis as Richard doesn’t read my blog but this block and tray set solves the present that David can give to his Daddy for Christmas.  Be great for on Richard’s desk at work.

Monday night we headed up to Arizona by the Intercon and had a lovely walk back by the water afterwards….It had turned into a lovely evening.  A hint if you go here to eat and get a burger, don’t eat anything for lunch or the meal before hand as they are huge and i only managed half of one.

Tuesday morning dawned and wow, what a beautiful day.  Headed downstairs just before 6.30 and opened up the blinds and started packing and i was sweating within a few minutes as it was already hot.  So opened up the windows and got heaps done.  I find if the weather is really nice i get heaps of work done…I walked up to Whitcouls and Richard took David and everthing in the car up to the office and I met them there.

After a quick trip up to Lower Hutt to drop the Cot and High Chair off to Jo and of course to have a play with her Circut which is awesome…It was back to the office to catch up with Banner who Richard and some of the others nicknamed the Mad Irishman…Banner laughs at that…then off to the Airport and had lunch and then it was off home….

While in Wellington we did have a Dress Fitting and that went really well.  Thank you Jo sooo much for the awesome effort that you are going to for my Wedding Dress.  It looks awesome.

Well, there you go there is Wellington, Nothing too exciting but it was a good trip away.  Take care everyone…

Wellington Part 2

November 22, 2006

Well Saturday morning dawned raining again but I headed out to do a few things just after 9.00am and left Richard and David having fun together at the Apartment.  I forgot that it was Saturday and not many things would be open and mostly opened at either 9.30 or 10.00am.  Michelle was due to arrive at Midday…I ended up going to the Christmas Shop at Kircaldie and Stains (sorry for the spelling) and got David a Christmas Stocking and Christmas Decoration…

Michelle came over and after a good chat we all headed out with Richard being our driver (thank you sweetie) to Scrapbook Central in Petone where i found heaps of stuff that I hadn’t seen at Kiwi Scraps and lines that they don’t do.  Brought a few things and then decided to head to Queensgate to get lunch.  Well, we made it into the car park and it was soooo busy and ended up getting stuck in one postion for about 10 minutes and could see we weren’t going to get a park so went off in search of Lunch.  After lunch we went to Evans to get some Ribbons and then headed back into the City.  Michelle it was awesome catching up with you and it is great to go Scrapbook Shopping with someone different.  Michelle it was awesome to catch up with you…

Sunday we didn’t have anything planned.  Sent Donna S a text to see if she wanted to catch up the next day as I also had ribbons for her and Gina.  That morning Richard watched the Rugby with David rolling around and comando crawling everywhere exploring our Apartment….he even got great mileage on the polished wooden floors.  His favourite thing at the moment are cords of anytype so had fun trying to find as many as he could and trying to play with them before Mummy and Daddy caught onto what he was doing.  Ended up going out to Upper Hutt to see Donna.  Donna it was great to see you again and meet your husband and wonderful kids….David loved playing with Nathan.  After a wonderful few hours there we dropped Ribbons off to Jo who was away for the weekend and headed back into the City.

Decided to try One Red Dog at Queens Wharf for dinner and were not impresed at all with the service and food…Have since heard that the one in Courtney Place i think it is is better…

Also that afternoon we learned that we would have to stay another Day as the guy that Richard was coveirng for had hurt his back again.  So we would have to wait until another engineer from Australia could come over and relieve.

Wellington Part 1

November 22, 2006

I was unable to access WordPress whilst in Wellington as the computer i was using wouldn’t allow WordPress cookies…So i am going to do the last few days posts in parts.

Wellington was great.  We ended up staying in an apartment that we found on www.holidayhouses.co.nz and for those that are in Wellington or know Wellington was based in the old Wool Store oppostie the Railway Station and Backpackers…it was great…beautiful view and had a mezanine floor which had a bedroom and office so we were able to set David up in his Porta cot (thank you Jo for the loan of this) in his own room which meant he also got a proper nap each day.  Spent the afternoon driving to Lower Hutt to pick up the cot and highchair from Jo, catching up with her and picking up some groceries…then back to a home cooked dinner…after being away quite a bit this year we get a bit sick of Restaurant meals though we decided we would go out for a couple the last few nights before we headed home…

Friday David and i caught a lift with Richard to his work and went on the look for some Scrapbook mags and yay got my hands on the latest Up to Scrap…then a bit of shopping and then off back down Lambton Quay to Waterloo Quay of which David slept for about 40 mins which was great…After David had a nap in his cot Nikki and Ben came over for awhile in the afternoon…it was great catching up with Nikki.  I can’t believe how fast ben is growing.  I think Nikki said he is about 15 or 16 months now…David loved having another kid there especially a boy.  A few texts and phone calls back and forth and Michelle and I were organising catching up on Saturday….

Ever since we arrived on the Wednesday the weather wasn’t that nice at all…Especially at night being right water front and in an old building you could really hear all the rain and wind…At one stage we thought the windows upstairs might blow in but luckly they didn’t….

This Week –

November 13, 2006

Okay, sorry laddies – I missed a day…Only 12 hours or so late.  Richard has to go down to relief work for one of the guys at his work in Wellington as he has hurt his back so as I have to get another dress fitting done with Jo, David and I are going down as well.  We go down Wednesday and then back Monday…Hopefully the weather is going to be good and i can go for some good walks…Saturday I am meeting up with Michelle which will be great for lunch and going out to Evans in the Hutt to look at Ribbons…

One thing that I did forget to mention was when i went to see Nikki (evil diet witch) 10 days ago I had lost 8kg which is great….I won’t say that it has been easy becuase it has been really hard but i am slowly getting there…

Must be off and get a few things done but I will update tomorrow before we fly down and if there is anyone else in Wellington that wants to catch up just let me know.  I will update while I am away as well.

Have an awesome Tuesday

54 Days until Wedding

November 12, 2006

Just couldn’t resist sitting down and counting how many days until the wedding.  So after today there are only 54 days until the wedding.  We have got lots done but still about 2 A4 Pages of things we need to finalise and sort out.

We have got the following done in the last week or so

– Applied for Mariage Licence

– Found a new florist and ordered flowers

– Found Shirts for guys to wear

– Working on Vows

– Found music for Wedding Ceremony

Heaps more to do but getting there.  I am going to divide the list up in to groups of things to do and put a list up for each week and mark things off as i go.  I seem to work alot better with lists.  I am also going to have a huge daily list of things that i need to complete…After the past 3 weeks that i have had i need some structure back.  Luckly Jo will be up in Hamilton from Christmas until the wedding so Evelyn one of my other bridesmaids are going to make trips down to Hamilton for Wedding things and for everyone to meet again aka Jo and Richard’s sister and in Evelyn’s case to meet everyone.

This weekend Richard and I decided had to be a family one so yesterday we all went out to Botany and did some shopping and gernerally just enjoying each other’s company and them came home to a lazy afternoon (with me trying not to look at all the housework i have to do) and then today we were going to take David out to Maratai to the beach and get some breakfast but ended up having Breakfast in Clevedon and going to the Craft Market there and then the A&P Show and David got to see Sheep and Cows face first instead of way in the distance or on tv or in a book.  He also one a prize by with our help sticking balls into the swinging clowns mouths.  Then off to do the supermarket shopping and currently having a relaxing afternoon…

Take care everyone and one of my goals this week and i know i keep saying it is to blog everyday even if it is just a paragraph.  I am pretty sure i can handle that…

Huge Thank you to Everyone

November 5, 2006

I just wanted to post a Huge Thank you to everyone for all their love and support…It is amazing, I haven’t met half of you that have left messages but you are all soo caring….

Well, we got through the funeral for our neigbour and friend last tuesday and i managed to steady my legs enough to go up and say a few words from our famiy….It was a very moving ceremony and she was sooo loved by everyone and had touched sooo many lives…The Chapel was packed and we are sure there were around 250 people there…

Onto a great note after a week in hospital and 4 surgeries my friend’s daughter is happily at home with her family…She will have to go back in a few times for check ups and go in in about 5 weeks or so to get the rods taken out but she is going along great…Her finger movement is improving greatly each day.  I popped in to see her a few times over the past week to visit and take her along mags etc….and to replenish her baking box….

Wow, exactly 2 months today until our wedding, i just can’t believe how fast the past 5 months have gone and just how fast the next 2 months are going to go….I have 2 A4 pages of things to do just for the wedding and Richard and I have managed over the last few days to get a few things crossed off…Off to an appointment with hopefully our new florist tomorrow afternoon so will sit down tonight and arrange exactly what we need and want and what to take with me.  Jo needs to do another fitting with the dress this month and as she will be in Hamilton one weekend it just happens to be the weekend that is filled with meetings with the venue and Engagement/Family photo shoot…So, all you Wellington girls i am going to come down for a day yet to be decided which one yet this month and get the fitting done for wonderful Jo and hopefully spend a few hours catching up with a few of you…Hopefully fly down first thing and fly back late afternoon/early evening…Just me so that i can run around and do things that i need to do…I will keep you posted with the date.

We are off for David’s 9 month check next week…Wow, i can’t believe my baby is nearly 9 months old…he is having his 3 solids a day and loving his food…

I have so much scrapping to do it is silly, so I am going to hold off doing any new challenges/swaps etc until next month.  There is one swap with KS that i am def doing so just have to do that and upload it by the 25th…

Have a great day everyone and check in same time, same place tomorrow….