Scrapbooking is total therapy at times.

October 29, 2006

Thank you everyone for your wonderful kind thoughts and wishes…I will pass them onto everyone…I have spent the day finishing off some circle journals and Scrapbooking and it is total therapy..I totally agree with one of the women on Wes’s Scrapped Movie.  I am onto my second double page layout today and will continue tomorrow while David is having his naps.  Janine M is coming over to drop off her Ribbon swaps tomorrow afternoon and i will give her one of the circle journals to take with her.

My really great friend Donna who I met on the Treasures forum and who is like a life time best friend now texted me this afternoon to say that her 11 year old daughter Ash while at Donna’s exs for the weekend fell from her Bunk and has broken her arm and is at the Hospital.  Turns out that she has broken both bones below her elbow as when she fell she put out her arm to stop herself and the arm then bent back.  She has had to have surgery to put 2 titanium rods down her arm.  She was in surgery for just under 3 hours and it was worse than they thought and they had to cut down the length of her arm.  As Ash was going into surgery she told donna that she was hungry and wanted baking.  Donna translated that to mean she wanted my baking which normally for Ash is my double chocolate chip cookies.  So Richard and I put on the oven about 4.30 and made her 2 dozen cookies for her to eat when she can, to share with others there and to take home.  We went up and got a few things for Donna on the way and sat with her at the hospital for awhile.  She will be there overnight until the Dr sees her in the morning.  Luckly there is bed that donna can sleep in overnight.  I have told Donna if she is going to be there longer to come over for breakfast/brunch or what ever and have a shower etc as they live up north of Orewa which would take her in normal traffic 50-60 mins each way…  She is a tough 11 year old with a heart of gold and I know she will bounce back well.

I have my 2nd appt with Nikki Hart on Thursday afternoon so that will be interesting and i also need to get my blood tested again for iron next week sometime.

I am finding writing on my blog very theroputic so i will appologise in advance if I ramble on a bit over the next few days.


11 Responses to “Scrapbooking is total therapy at times.”

  1. girlfriday said

    Wow, there is certainly a lot of therapeutic action in your part of the world: lots happening. Hope Ash is out of surgery and enjoying your baking real soon.
    All the best for your appointments and blood tests.

  2. Janine said

    Wow that a lotta good therapy going on there with all that scrapping. Awww aren’t you sweet doing that baking for Ash and being supportive for Donna. I love how you can make some firm friendships on forums. Good luck with your appointment with Nikki.

  3. Mel said

    Wow – they say bad news comes in threes and I think you’ve had your quota. Hope everything islooking up.

  4. donnaspringgay said

    Ramble away debs it always helps to get things down. You sound like an awesome friend! you go girl!

  5. Sharon said

    Ramble away!! Hope that is the last of the bad news for now (and I bet she loves the biscuits!)

  6. Penny said

    Hope her arm heals quickly and she doesn’t have pain. I find baking therapeutic for myself actually – and the eating of the products too, so I’m sure your bikkies will help!

    You are a great friend for these people I think.

  7. What a lovely friend you are. Very thoughtful. I hope she makes a quick recovery. I think you’ve had your fair share of bad news lately. Fingers crossed for a turn around of only good and wonderful news to come to you.

  8. ruth said

    wow you’ve had some major stuff going on around you! Hope this week turns out better for you

  9. Tracy said

    What an awesome friend you are to your friend Donna and her family. I bet she really appreciates your baking!

  10. Christina said

    Wow, Debbie, you’ve certainly had a lot to deal with. I’m sorry to hear about your friends baby. What a very sad loss for her. And also what a tragedy with your neighbor. Life can certainly turn on a dime. Sound like your friends daughter will recover well post-op. That’s good.

    I received the peanut butter cups in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much–you are so kind. It was nice surprise and today is my bday, so perfect timing! I’ve already dove into them! Thanks again. 🙂

  11. Hannah said

    Debbie, I’m sorry to hear about all the things you’ve been dealing with. Sounds really tough, but you are being a great friend and support to others so I’m sure you’ll be getting that back in return.

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