It’s been a very

October 27, 2006

hard week since we arrived back from Wellington.  On our last Morning in Wellington I received a telephone call from a great friend of mine from the Treasures Forum to say that the 6 month old Prem daughter of a friend of ours had passed away the night before…This darling little girl was born at 26 weeks and it has been a very hard past 6 months for her and her family but she was doing so well and in the last month or so started having breathing problems again.

The last few days donna and I have been arranging things as gifts for the family and I am compiling a scrapbook of everyone from the forum’s thoughts and comments.  Yesterday was spent baking for the wake after the funeral.  That afternoon we all headed to the funeral wearing baby pink with pink balloons and flowers…still finding it very hard.

To top that off 2 weeks ago our neighbour and very good friend who was actually coming to and doing the flowers for our wedding had  a car accident when 1 of 2 anurisims popped in her head that they didn’t know anything about.  After having an operation to block them off and a ct scan no brain injury was found…But yesterday morning our neigbour came over and i will never forget the look in his eyes as he stood there, i just knew without him saying anything.  He confirmed that she had passed away on thursday evening….

This is such a cruel, cruel world….I haven’t really blogged much in the last 2 weeks and it has been since this accident that blogging just wasn’t in me but I felt that I just had to get this down and share it…

Thank you everyone for listening to me ramble on…I knew you all wouldn’t mind!


One Response to “It’s been a very”

  1. Penny said

    My sympathies to you – it HAS been a difficult week for you and your friends 😦

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