I am back!!!

October 24, 2006

Sorry everyone I am back and I haven’t falled off the face of the earth….Have just about an hour ago just got home after being stuck in Wellington an extra night becuase of the weather….

I will update my blog latter this afternoon once we have done the washing, settled down and got the grocery shopping all done…


7 Responses to “I am back!!!”

  1. Penny said

    Aha! Been wondering where you were…

  2. sandra said

    Welcome back Debbie.

  3. Hannah said

    Hi Debbie, just wanted to say “hello” from a fellow SE member!

  4. Michelle said

    Finally you’re back!

  5. Happy scrappy said

    Nice to see your back. Look forward to your updates.

  6. Happy scrappy said

    Hey by the way – I did see your photo on Donna Downey’s website yesterday – the page where people are wearing her gear – Yehaa!

  7. Michelle said

    Hi Debs, glad you’re back, at least staying an extra night in Wellington allowed you to see Scrapped – the movie! Cool wasn’t it & and Wes was lovely ah.

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