Wow, what a busy week!!!

September 30, 2006

Tuesday Morning David woke up with Conjunctivitis and he had had the sniffles but they were a bit more there that morning.  Richard drove us to New Market and we had breakfast at Zarbos.  Mum realised then that she had never been out for breakfast before.  Her eyes couldn’t believe the size of the French Toast and Bacon that arrived in front of her.  As her and Dad are in their 70’s they don’t eat as Much as normal.  After breakfast Richard headed to work and Mum and I after a stop at the chemist and Bendon to get Mum fitted for a new bra we went to Modes and found Mum and awesome Orange/Teracotta Trouser and Top out fit for the wedding…At Lunch time Richard picked us up and we headed home for lunch.

Later that afternoon we headed out to Castaways’s so that Mum could see where we were having the wedding and she loved it and took heaps of photos.  All went well and David went to bed at 7.45 and then at 9.45 until 2.15 we were up and down all the time with a 2 hour brake in the middle…Poor little thing really not feeling well…Wednesday I took him along to the Docs just to get his chest checked out as he was not feeling very well at all.  Well to cut a long story short his chest was fine but it was a very long day…From 7.30 that morning he managed to have about 15mins sleep…Still loved his food though and after changing his nappy just before 6.30 that night he fell aslepp in Daddy’s arms deeply and we just decided to wrap him and give him a dream feed.  Richard wrapped him and he didn’t even flinch even for the 5 mins we left him on the floor with Nana watching over him while we got his bottle and room ready and he had his bottle and drops and didn’t even wake up and slept until 7.00am the next morning.  His eyes are heaps better and his cold is getting there…Yay, def getting better.

Mum went home yesterday on a door to door shuttle to katikati.  Today we ventured off to Botany to do some banking and managed to find some awesome Low GI Cook books at Whitcouls…yay we came home with 2 of them and I can’t wait to do some cooking.  Also I had a 25% off voucher from Whitcouls so brought myself a fiction book called The Wedding Day by Author Catherine Elliot.  See how it goes.  Sounds like a good blob out book.  After getting the grocery shopping at NW and finally finding my Fruitybix bars which Nikki has said I can have and are Low GI and that I love we headed home and have been having a blobby afternoon, working on some scrapping…See what tomorrow brings.  Have nothing planned except yay will get to see Sharon when she drops off her circle journal for the Glam Gals Circle Journal Swap.  Have a great Saturday night everyone…


5 Responses to “Wow, what a busy week!!!”

  1. Janine said

    SOunds like a few busy days there Debs. Oh i love a good blooby book and hope to do some reading on Sunday. Hope David is feeling better.

  2. Michelle H-G said

    I’m glad your mum had a great holiday with you. Sorry David is feeling unwell, hope he bounches back soon. I will put Fruitybix Bars on my shopping list and give them ago. I so need low GI in my diet.

  3. Mel said

    What cookbooks did you get? I love cookbooks

  4. Jane said

    Oh I’ve read ‘The Wedding day’- I loved it- I really like that author, really good ‘chic lit’ as my OH calls them !

  5. Penny said

    Must get some of those cookbooks too…

    Wow you’ve been busy! Hope David’s eyes are better now… it’s a drag having to administer drops to a squirmy baby.

    Bendon at Newmarket is great for fittings the 2 times I’ve been there.

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