Thank you Tamar and Tarisota Collections

September 25, 2006

Thanks to your September B is beautiful pack I have got my Mojo back again….I seem to keep losing it over the last 6 months or sooo….I took the plunge earlier this week and became a Tarisota Collection subscriber and got my kit last Friday and wow, wow it is beautifull…I love it…I have been wanting to do the Kiwi Scraps September Challenge on Parents and I had the photo of my mum that I wanted to use but just couldn’t work out what to use…Well thanks to Tamar and Tarisota I have just completed my layout.  Everything on the layout except for the Bazzil Flower and Big Brad is from the Collection – B is beautiful….I am sooo happy with it…I will try and work out how to upload it up onto here and then will upload all the other layouts I am going to do…

A Big thank you to everyone that reads my Blog and for all your comments.  I am sorry if i have not replied to all comments etc..You have all been so wonderful with your comments and support…I am feeling heaps better thank you everyone…i went out and purchased some Vitamin C and Iron Tablets and they seem to be helping…I thought I would take something until I go to the Docs on Friday…Penny thank you for saying that you wish there was someway that you could help me and make me less down…that was sooo sweet…

We drove down to Katikati on Saturday and picked Mum up…Dad just loved seeing David and Mum is loving being up here with us…they are out going for a walk at the moment….

We are having a full on Roast Pork Dinner tonight so I better head off and start getting things ready to put in the oven latter….Take care everyone and I will chat to everyone again tomorrow…


9 Responses to “Thank you Tamar and Tarisota Collections”

  1. Penny said

    Oh yum! Roast pork *licks lips*

    I have to say a big thank you for my RAK which turned up this morning. The courier van turned up this morning and I asked DH “Did you order something?” which he denied. It was a lovely surprise and made my day after a cr*ppy weekend…THANK YOU! There are some products in there I’ve not used before so I’m going to have fun tonight playing in my scrap pit! 🙂

    Oh – and B-B-Berocca is good for energy as well especially if you’re under stress.

  2. ruth said

    I so know that ‘down’ feeling – I was there most of the winter, but not now!!

    I got the Tarisota ribbon which was yummy, I’ve even used some on Saturday. Wish I could have gotton the collection. Hope you enjoy using it.

  3. Happy scrappy said

    Hey, congrats on losing 3 kilos. That is wonderful. Hope your energy level is feeling better too.
    Anyway – your doing well.

  4. Janine said

    I love the Tarisoat collection and look forward to it each month. Sounds like your on the up and up.

  5. girlfriday said

    Isn’t the Tarisota collection yummy! I chose *I want it all* this month too.

  6. Michelle H-G said

    Debs, I’m so pleased you’re feeling better. There’s nothing worse than wanting to scrap but just can’t find the energy. I’d love to become a monthly subscriber somewhere but am unsure how much the kit would actually cost in $NZ’s. Was the Tarisoat collection expensive? Happy scrapping!!!!

  7. Nikki said

    Pleased your starting to feel better Debs, low iron levels is the first thing I think of when someone says they’re really tired. Your kit sounds fabulous, I’ve never heard of them before.

  8. Mel said

    I got the Tarisota Collection this month,too – just love what they out together

  9. Tamar said

    Hey ladies – its lovely to hear you are enjyoing your collections 🙂

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