Everything is all booked for Wedding

September 17, 2006

bah the babysitters that i need for a few of the children.  We have not put young children on the invites but there is David and his 3 cousins and a good friend of mine who hasn’t got many friends here in Auckkland as she only moved over from South Africa about 6 months ago.  So Charmaine’s daughter Amber who we joke is David’s girl friend is coming.  The only person that could look after Amber Cheryl is also coming to the wedding.  So if anyone knows of any great babysitters out Pukekohe/Waiuku way if you can let me know that would be great.  We will have an 11 month, 5 month, 18 month old and a 7 and 3 year old.  Jo’s 2 kids Tammy (11) and Bevan (10) are coming along with one of Richard’s Groomsman’s son Kyle who is 14.  They will stay for most of the receiption and then go up to one of the Chalets with their desert and watch a DVD etc.

So the Music/Entertainment has been organised.  We were going to have a DJ but all the really great ones are fully booked.  So we have gone with a live 2 piece band.  We are having Suzanne Lynch and Steve (can’t find his last name at the moment)  They are up in Hong Kong over New Years but have made sure that they will be back in time for our wedding. Suzanne and her son used to be clients of mine years ago when I was in travel.

I have got a damm horrible cold so trying to dose up and rest becuase I have the Kiwi Scraps online class on tonight at 8.00pm and it goes to approx 10.00pm…Just have to make sure that I have all my tools etc..


10 Responses to “Everything is all booked for Wedding”

  1. sandra said

    Debbie you sound well organised. You must be getting excited with everything nearly sorted. Hope your cold doesn’t go any further!!

  2. Penny said

    Sounds like things are coming together. Sorry – don’t know any babysitters down that way.

    How was the class?

  3. Michelle said

    WOW! You are soooo organised! You must be getting really excited!

    Rest up and hope you feel better soon!

  4. Mel said

    You sure are organised. Suzanne Lynch is really professional – you definitely won’t have any problems with her doing the music – cool to have live music, too.

  5. Lynda said

    Whew, what a relief to have all of that all sorted out now. Now you can relax and concentrate on getting those dresses all sussed!

  6. Janine said

    Go Debs on getting that sorted! Now you can sit back and relax a little. Enjoy the class tonight.

  7. Sharon said

    Suzanne Lynch – I still remember her from the Chicks (I was a child at the time….). I’m sure she will be great!!

  8. karen said

    Cool! Suzanne Lynch … she’s singing coach for the NZ idol team as well (:oops: I know, I’m an idol-addict) … you will have such a blast! Live band so much more classy than a DJ 🙂

  9. Happy scrappy said

    Great work. Hope you are feeling better. Enjoy your online class. I look forward to seeing how that goes.

  10. ruth said

    now you’re organised you can sit back and relax

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