Rock Star Supanova

September 14, 2006

So who do you all think is going to win tonight?  Should be a good watch.

Going to try uploading some pics of David in an outfit that we received from the daughter of old neighbours of ours.  She lives in Switzerland with her husband and new daughter.  We sent them over some little kiwi shirts when their daughter was born and they inturn sent over 2 little Swiss Soccer All in one outfits for David..I loved these pics.  We have taken photos to include in a card that i am sending to her.

Okay didn’t work.  Will try again latter or tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Rock Star Supanova”

  1. Janine said

    I found out who won!!!

  2. Michelle said

    Ooooh… post pics soon Debs!! I bet he looks totally adorable!

  3. Mel said

    Was that show bad or what?

  4. Lynda said

    Can’t wait to see the pics!

  5. sandra said

    Haven’t watch RS Supanova but after all the grumbly blog entries over who won…I’m glad I didn’t!! Looking forward to seeing a photo of your wee man in his outfit.

  6. Dessy said

    Hi there, I was just blogwalking when I found ur site. Anyway, I’m glad Lukas won 🙂 He’s the bomb! I hope u didn’t go for Toby 🙂

  7. Penny said

    Hope to see the pics soon! 🙂

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