Well I had it,

September 13, 2006

the first wedding nightmare in my dreams on Tuesday night…My bridesmaids are all getting their dresses made.  The pattern, fabric, cotton and zips have all been purchased and they just need to get them made up.  I don’t know how Jo is going to do it as she is making her own dress along with mine and the girls wraps.  Well the nightmare was we all turned up at Castaways the night before for our girls night the night before and the other 2 bridesmaids Evelyn and Richard’s siter Judith did not have their dresses…They forgot that they had to get them done and thought that I had done it for them. Argh, it was so real.  There is no way I am going to let that happen.  Just the music to book and we are all booked.  I just hope the one I want comes through.

Richard’s birthday went well and so did coffee group.  We went up to Plunket yesterday afternoon and David has grown heaps and is now 9.36kg so over 20 lb now and has grown 2 cm…They were very happy with him.

Normally on a Thursday afternoon 2 girls who i met through the Treasures forum come over to scrap and learn teqniques as they are just beginners and chat and have lunch but today neither of them are coming over so try to get things sorted this morning and i will have my own scrap afternoon…See how it goes…I have 2 albums that I have to start for 2 seperate friends and also start an album for David’s new cousin Katherine.  Well must be off and have a great day.  Also have to try and upload pics to send to Digimax from their 22c special.


8 Responses to “Well I had it,”

  1. Lynda said

    Oh no, very definitely a nightmare. Enjoy your scrapping afternoon.

  2. karen said

    so I guess now you’ve had the nightmare … you’re safe from that particular disaster! 😆
    be confident that it will all go well .. and let your bridesmaids do the worrying.

  3. Sharon said

    As long as Richard and you both turn up – that is the only thing that REALLY matters! And just think of the intersting scrapping possibilities of that situation! Seriously – it will all be good I know – and you will make some great memories to share with your wee boy 🙂

  4. Michelle said

    OMG scary nightmare alright! With your organisational skills, that is very unlikely to happen. 🙂

  5. ruth said

    lets hope its the only wedding nightmare you have

  6. Janine said

    I haven’t had any yet lol…..hate that feeling though that it feels so real when you wake up….

  7. Penny said

    I hope it’s the only nightmare you have to deal with!!

    Sent off my desserts to you today 😉

  8. Mel said

    “That was just a dream, just a dream” – didn’t someone sing that?

    How cool that you are helping sme new scrappers – awesome

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