Got Energy, Will Clean

September 12, 2006

and tidy the house…It was just gorgious this afternoon….After putting David down this morning for a nap I realised that his car seat was in our car which was with Richard at work.  Luckly Cheryl that looks after him has a car seat for her 3 year old that she just added something onto that too it back to what David could use and they used that.  After they left I was able to open all the windows and curtains as the weather began to get glorious.  Managed to get all the vacumming done at the main end of the house and the areas tider that i wanted to and even got some baking done for coffee group.  I must say I feel I have done very well not even wanting one of the chocolate chippie biscuts that I made.

Wrapped Richard’s pressies, did the laundry etc.  Haven’t managed to do any ironing but that can wait until tomorrow afternoon.  Richard will be home at lunch time so we will go up to Plunket after Coffee Group.  Yay, I soo loved the wonderful weather today.


4 Responses to “Got Energy, Will Clean”

  1. Janine said

    Makes a difference doesn’t it. Well doen on getting so much done!!! Go you on not wanting a choccie chip either!! Proud of you Debs!!

  2. Ruth said

    Yay for getting all your housework done. Now do you want to come and do mine? lol

  3. Michelle said

    Way to go on your will power!! You’re one strong chica!!

  4. ruth said

    I’ll drop my ironing off and you can do that too, theres only 15 business shirts for DH

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