The Sun is shining and it is a lovely day

September 11, 2006

and I feel so much better, still tired but so much better.  It has to be the sun, i just love summer and the sun and feel so much happier at this time.  Just looking out my window and the flowers are in full bloom, just need to plant some more in some bare areas.  Might do that when my mum comes up as she loves going plant shopping and gardening…

Sorry again for the short post yesterday.  Today well this afternoon is going to be a busy one.  David’s afternoon has been changed to Tuesday this week as Cheryl is picking her husband up from the Airport on Friday so it has worked out well as we are hosting coffee group here tomorrow and i need to clean, i feel the urge to clean…hee hee.  Janine, you were right leave it for one of those high energy days….

So I need to tidy the Kitchen, the lounge and dining rooms, these are all open plan, mop the floor, vaccumm, wrap Richard’s birthday pressies, make 2 cards, laundry and ironing if i get time.  I will check back in tonight and let you know what i have exaclty got done.

Congratulations to Michelle, for being accepted onto a Design Team, yay her first one.  First of many I think from seeing her work.

I got my The Low GI Diet today and it looks great.  Brought it off Trade Me and it looks Brand New.  Going to sit down tonight and curl up with my lime and water which i am loving and devour the book, don’t worry i won’t actually eat it…hee hee.  Once I have read a bit, I will put up a few details as I have been getting comments from people that are very interested in a Low GI Diet.

We have David’s 7 month Plunket check tomorrow so it will be interesting to see how much he has put on and how tall he is.  Then coffee group.  It is always great to get together with these women.  After coffee group go out for a walk then come home do a few things and then prepare Richard’s Birthday dinner.  Must work out how to upload pics onto this blog with out copy and pasting them.

Yay, I got my first email from Wendy about the Online Class with Kiwiscraps next Monday night.  I am really excited about this.

Well, must be off and get David’s things ready to take with him and start cleaning…take care everyone and embrace your passions


7 Responses to “The Sun is shining and it is a lovely day”

  1. Sharon said

    Sounds like a busy day – hope the dinner goes well 🙂

  2. Penny said

    Have fun at the class! Must do one myself sometime more convenient for me. 🙂

    Hope the birthday dinner goes well too!

  3. Janine said

    Sounds like a busy day! I tell you when you have more energy the cleaning is done in no time…..

  4. Mel said

    Ahhh, coffee group – I remember those girls were my saviours when Caitlin was little. I am still friends with a number of them – 11 years later. Enjoy it

  5. girlfriday said

    Sunshine lifts the spirits doesn’t it 🙂

  6. Lynda said

    Busy stuff girl. Enjoy your coffee group tomorrow. I loved my coffee group they were definitely my sanity a lot of time.

  7. Michelle said

    Thanks sweetie!! Hey sunshine is the best cure for the blahs!! Hope you had a great time!

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