I’ve been a bad blogger!

September 11, 2006

Sorry everyong and thanks Janine for the 2 reminders…Just haven’t felt like blogging today yet but here goes…The Crop on Saturday was awesome with an awesome bunch of women….I haven’t laughed so much in ages…Can’t wait for the next crop in October.  It was so great to meet you all…glad that you all liked the baking..

Sunday was spent out at Manukau getting Richard’s birthday pressies and a few things from the supermarket…then home and a relaxing afternoon…

After numerous calls with being on call at the moment Richard has spent the day at home…Relaxing morning mixed with doing some house work…After lunch we headed out to re fill our fruit and veges which I am pleased to say that we have been going through heaps of.  The diet is going well, hard but getting there..I think once I have been on it for a few weeks it will get easier…After the fruit and vege shop we headed out to an area near us called Brookby.  It is down the end of Alfriston Rd right at the end near Clevedon.  This is the area that we would love to move out to or near next year.  We would love David to go to Brookby School.  A real country school that has Agricultural days etc and only has 90 pupils and goes all the way from 5 years until form 2….

Sorry about the short update but I will promise to update more tomorrow.

6 Responses to “I’ve been a bad blogger!”

  1. Janine said

    lol please don’t feel like I am harrassing you to blog. I only want you to blog if you want too or you may need up resenting it….I just wanted to keep you on your toes. SOunds like a nice few days you have had.

  2. Penny said

    Yeah – once you’ve been on it about 2-3 weeks it’ll seem so much easier. Takes a while to set up new habits.

    The school sounds cool 🙂

  3. Michelle said

    That’s it??? After a weekend filled with scrapping that’s all you’re saying?? Come on girl!! Show us what you did!!! LOL! Just dropping by to say hi..

    Btw, this is like the 5th time today I’ve popped by to see if you’ve updated your blog! LOL!

  4. girlfriday said

    Glad you recovered from the rainy day scrapping, to go house(land?)-hunting on Sunday. Nice area around Alfriston.
    Funny how quickly you find yourself getting through the fruit and veges when you’re paying attention 🙂

  5. ruth said

    Diet going well?? whats that I hear the others from the crop on Saturday say – remember the pizza?? LOL

  6. ysvpfsbho said


    vasxciu abvlysuis uofgiufy utlebdfulxo

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