To clean or not to clean that is the Question???

September 8, 2006

David is at his babysitters this afternoon for his normal Friday afternoon and I am trying to get all the housework done but I get half way through and lose energy and enthusiasam and wish i could just blink my eyes and it would be gone as the mess is getting on top of me…Richard is great and does heaps around the house but with a little one i feel like i keep going round in circles….

Richard is home today as his foot his killing him with his gout…After 3 days i managed to convince him to go to the Dr’s as the meds he were using were old and finally convinced him last night when he had to head off to bed before 8.00pm which is very unusural.  So this morning while he was still in bed have a good sleep in i rung the Docs and made an appointment for him today.  He saw a different doc and got taken off those meds and put onto new ones and as the last time a full blood test was done re the gout 2 years ago he is getting those done as well.

Thought if i can’t be inspired to clean i would bake for tomorrow’s crop in Puke with the girls.  I have met some of them but others I haven’t.  As i found out from Ruth everyone loves Chocolate so I have just made Chocolate Chip Cookies with Dark and Milk chocolate drops and also have a Chocolate brownie with Milk Chocolate drops in it in the oven at the moment.  I am aiming to get there at about 10.00am and stay until about 2.00pmish as Richard has to go into Auckland City for a job tomorrow night and be there at 5.00pm for about 3 hours. 

Well, I am off to do some more washing etc and change the sheets and clean our room…then after dinner get my tote bag ready to take tomorrow.  Not sure what I am going to do but may do things for my recipie and card swaps.

Hopefully with this low GI diet i am going to have some more energy as i am sooo tired at the moment.  I know it will take awhile to kick in.

Have a great weekend everyone and I will either update more tonight or tomorrow evening.  Ruth, Karen and girls see you tomorrow and bring your chocolate taste buds with you.

8 Responses to “To clean or not to clean that is the Question???”

  1. Janine said

    Awww poor Richard, not nice having gout. Yummmy that baking sure sounds good. Don;t do all your cleaning today, do as much as you think you can. No use busting a gut when you have no energy. Remember at the end of the day what is more important, quality time with Richard and David or a spotless house. Leave the cleaning for the energy day!!

  2. ruth said

    ah forget the cleaning!! Be sure to leave some biscuits for Richard otherwise if you bring them all out to us he may not let you come again!

  3. Sharon said

    Cleaning – what is that again????

    Poor Richard – gout is a bugger!

  4. Happy scrappy said

    Hope Richard is better and enjoy your day at the crop.

  5. Janine said

    Deb’s time for an update girlfriend

  6. Dianna said

    Interested in the diet witches plan for you hope you list it.

  7. sandra said

    Hey Debs…I’m on top of the cleaning thing (and I hope it’s for good) Keep watching my blog coz I’ll post up how I did (am doing?) it soon. Hope you enjoyed your crop. any scrapping completed is just a bonus.

  8. Penny said

    It is really hard to keep things clean with a little one. not to mention 2 big ones who aren’t the tidiest people! 🙂 So long as it’s mostly sanitary don’t get too stressed.

    That baking sounds gooooood!

    Hope the new meds kick in for Richard.

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