The Evil Diet Witch is not so Evil!

September 6, 2006

I left the house this afternoon really, really nervous and wondering if I really could do it.  I had to keep reminding myself that I had done it again and lost 34kg…Put it this way, I have done Weight Watchers, sheesh i’d hate to think how many times and the only time that I have ever kept any huge amount of weight loss off was with Nikki 9 years ago when i was seeing her and my personal Trainer.  I am now on a low GI Diet with controled portions…Yummy food, plenty of it and I won’t get hungry…

Nikki, was really great and I can really see myself getting there just taking baby steps at a time…We discussed that I am going to take this real slowly and not rush anything…

I will list tomorrow a copy of an idea of my food plan tomorrow just incase anyone is interested…Had a long had tiring day today so i will update more tomorrow…


9 Responses to “The Evil Diet Witch is not so Evil!”

  1. Janine said

    Well done Debs. A journey of a thousand miles begines with the first step. Go you for starting that journey.

  2. sandra said

    Good for you Debs. I admire your courage.

  3. Lynda said

    Way to go Debs, good luck with your journey.

  4. ruth said

    well thats the first step done, good luck with the next part.

    Hey, why don’t you flag the baking for Saturday, might help with the temptation!! LOL

  5. girlfriday said

    Cool. Careful with the *evil diet witch* name-calling … don’t want to jinx yourself 😆

  6. Penny said

    Good luck! I’d be interested in the food plan since I think low GI stuff works for me.

    I think it good to take weight loss as a long term goal thing. Too fast often means it gets put back on really quick too.

  7. Michelle said

    Good on you Debs! I don’t have enough discipline to even lose 1 or 2 kgs myself… 😀

  8. Happy scrappy said

    I did the Low GI last year and I lost 10 kilos nice and slowly but I’m afraid I lost focus.
    Maybe I could join this road with you and we could encourage each other. I’d love to hear the tips she gave you.

  9. Sharon said

    Good on you and good luck!!

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